Football Kit designers Review: owayo, Zapkam and BLK

Zapkam Review vs Owayo 3D Kit Designer [A Guide and More]

Football kit designers are getting more popular today because they make it easier for football fans to customize their own jerseys to their taste. Owayo, Zapkam and BLK are just three of the popular online kit designers available. So, this article provides details on these subjects: Owayo 3D kit designer review and Zapkam review. In addition, the article provides useful info about their individual services and recommendations.

The essence of compiling this review is to help Football fans make sound decisions when choosing which kit designer to work with.

Furthermore, designing a Football kit or jersey has evolved from the traditional design and printing to digital.

So, there’s a need to help as many football fans as possible, to move with the trend.

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Now, just design football Jerseys online and the design company delivers right at your doorstep. 

To make things better, you don’t even need to be a creative Photoshop guru to design Football kits online.

There are several online Football Kit designers with easy design tools and additional services that you will need.

But, as mentioned before, we will analyze just 3 Football kit designers review: Owayo, Zapkam and BLK.

Let’s start with Owayo.

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Owayo 3D Football Kit Designer

Owayo is one of the oldest, yet modern Football kit Designers.

They started their journey in the year 2001 with just 3 athletes and now they have over 90 employees who are all active athletes.

Their designs are topnotch primarily because they have active athletes who understand what fellow athletes need when it comes to design.

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Features of Owayo

Customizing your Football kits has never been easier on Owayo. They have the following features (but not limited to):

3D Designer

3D designers are common but how many of them are easy to use by an average Football fan?

The Owayo 3D designer is super easy to use; you can choose your exact style, graphics, colors and text to create your bespoke custom Football kit.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is very important after designing your Football kit. Owayo offers two (2) forms of delivery:

  • Normal Delivery: This is the standard delivery process of orders and this takes within 4 weeks. (This delivery time is subject to change by Owayo depending on seasons.)
  • Express Delivery: Express delivery is faster than usual or normal delivery. It’ll cost more money but it saves time. Owayo’s express delivery turnaround time is 1 week. (This delivery time is subject to change by Owayo depending on seasons.)

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Owayo Review

Owayo US is rated 4.9 (/5) on Ekomi (a popular review company in the US) from over 1200 reviews.

Over 90% of customers rated Owayo 5/5, further emphasizing the quality of their service.

In a nutshell, Owayo review online is positive because most customers are satisfied with their services.

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ZapKam Football Kit Designer

Zapkam is another great Online Football kit designer that offers aesthetic and bold designs.

The company, founded by William Pedrick has a unique principle of never discontinuing a kit even if a customer ordered it 5 years back. 

They tend to protect client’s identities by remanufacturing old designs.

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Features of Zapkam

Zapkam online designers has the following features (but not limited to):

3D Designer

With the Zapkam online 3D designer, you can easily customize your kit color, then add numbers, Logos, and names.

Long Lasting Design Availability

One important feature of Zapkam online 3D designers is that they claim that designs last forever.

This means that you can still have access to your designs years after.

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Delivery Time

The average delivery time for an order is 4 weeks but this could change during festive periods.

However, items marked “S” are kept in stock and are delivered within a day.

Customize Kit

Existing designs can be customized and remanufactured into virtually any color.

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Sample Size Test

One matchless service Zapkam offers is the Sample Size test. You can actually test designed items if they match your size or your team’s size before placing an actual order.

This service is free eventually but a certain amount will have to be deposited. Once a customer returned samples, Zapkam refunds the deposit.

Free Online Shop for Kits.

Zapkam offers an online shop system for Clubs to set up. This offsets the need to hire a kit manager by clubs while reducing the workload of ordering kits by managers.

With this system, a customer pays directly to Zapkam and they deliver directly to the player.

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Designs can be reordered as many times as possible without worrying about the discontinuity of your designs.

Itemized Quotation

A call back can be requested in order to get a quotation for a new kit. This gives you an idea of the cost before making an outright order.

Zapkam Review

Zapkam is rated 5 stars (/5) by 32 customers on Google review while Facebook review rates the company 4.7/5. Hence, the average review score for Zapkam is 4.85.

Overall, Zapkam review online is good.

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BLK Football Kit Designer

BLK is another self-acclaimed top-class Football kit designer whose design priority is not based on trends. They believe Football Kits should be innovative, comfortable, and of high quality.

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Features of BLK

BLK sports has the following features (but not limited to):

Ship to Anywhere (Global Logistics)

Designed Football kits are delivered nearly anywhere in the world.

Customize Design

BLK online design tool gives users the opportunity to create and customize their own designs with comfort.

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Book a Meeting

A meeting can be booked on their website with a BLK sales rep. The date and time of the meeting can be easily scheduled.

Request Quote

Just in case you want to have an idea of how much your entire design will cost you before making an order, the “request quote” option is perfect for you.

Contact details, specifications of kit requirements and, team and sponsor logo required to request a quote.

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BLK Review

According to a top Australian product review company, BLK has an average review score of 1.9 (/5) out of just 7 reviews.

Out of the 7 reviews, 1 customer rated BLK 5-star and 3-star each while the remaining 5 rated them 1 star. The major complaints from the 1-star review are that the color of the kits ordered was not the same as what was delivered.

Others claim they have bad service, slow response time to orders, and are unprofessional.

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Summary & Conclusion

Now, you understand the capabilities of 3D jersey design software, you can try out Owayo 3D kit designer, Zapkam, or BLK. They are popular Football Kit designers that give users opportunities to create their own designs online in 3D. 

Though there is numerous Football Kit Designers review online, based on reputable reviews, Owayo 3D kit designer and Zapkam are by far better choices.

However, considering the wide range of services rendered plus customer satisfaction, Zapkam may just be a better choice out of the two.

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Finally, what’re your Football Kit designers’ review if you have worked with any? Can you recommend other Kit designers?

Your comments will go a long way to help other Football fans make good decisions.

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