Features of Football Manager 2020

Features of Football Manager 2020 Game

Sports Interactive developed the mind-blowing features of the Football Manager 2020 game, and they have been doing this since 2004. Actually, the first edition was named “Championship Manager” and it was released in 1992.

Almost every passionate football fan loves the ardent display on the touchline by top football managers and, more to it, they have the sense of belief that, when given the opportunity, they can equally manage a football team to substantial success.

The Football Manager 2020 game provides an excellent platform to fulfill just that imagination.

The Football Manager 2019 is a classic, but the 2020 version is a masterpiece.

Hence, this article will review ten (10) key features of the Football Manager 2020 that makes it a complete magnum opus.

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Ten (10) Key Features of the Football Manager 2020

1. Tactical Freedom

The FM 2020 gives you a unique opportunity to set up your team tactically just the way you want it.

The Tactic creator can help you set up formation for different phases of play or you could use the preset tactics like “Gengenpress”, “TikiTaka”, and “Route One” to speed up success.


This is a proactive tactic that drives teams to recover possession almost immediately instead of sitting back to regroup.


The Football philosophy of keeping your opponents out of possession for as long as possible while looking for the final pass to break your opposition’s defense.

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Rout One

The idea of sending long balls straight from defense to attackers.

2. 116 Leagues from 51 Countries

The opportunity to have many choices of where to begin your career is priceless and the FM 2020 provides just that. With 166 Leagues from 51 Countries, you can decide whether to take a local challenge or go on an escapade abroad to stamp your managerial identity.

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3. Club Vision Feature

Most Football Manager Players usually find it interesting to start with a small Club while they embrace challenging situations as they fight their way to success.

The Football Manager 2020 has the new “Club Vision” feature that enables you to complete season-by-season objectives of small Clubs.

Alternatively, you could start your career at a top Club already used to success. Whatever the case, you have plenty of options as there are over 200 Clubs on the Game.

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4. Transfer Flexibility

As a Football fan, many times you understand the frustration of Football Managers who are not backed by their board with Transfer Budget.

The FM 2020, however, provides a unique opportunity for you in the Transfer Market. There are over 500,000 players you can scout from at varying costs.

So depending on your budget, you can either choose cheap or spend big on expensive targets.

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5. Youth Development Center

The development of youth teams can impact the lasting success of any Football Club.

Hence, the FM 2020 has a new feature called the “Development Center” and this feature gives you a matchless chance to take full control of your youth team operations, nurture young stars through the ranks and map out their way to the first team.

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6. Dynamic Training

Training is of the key ways of preparing for football matches. They are like what happens behind the scene of a proper game.

Similarly, Football Manager 2020 offers you the chance to improve your tactical plans in unique ways on the training pitch.

You can work on fitness, individual skills, and team shape.

In a nutshell, you have a perfect chance to make an average player world-class and turn a wonderkid into a superstar.

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7. Outstanding Man-Management

It’s usually a tough task for Football Managers to keep the dressing room in check, control the egos of top players and yet maintain unity in the squad.

It is no different on the Football Manager 2020 and as a matter of fact; it is more interesting in the game.

The “Dynamic Center” of the game gives you a unique platform to manage the dressing room just the way you want it.

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8. Analyze Opponents In Style

You have a better chance of winning crucial games of the season if you have a proper analysis of your opposition.

On Football Manager 2020, you can appoint a backroom staff to do that and even more for you.

Also, the staff can provide suggestions on specific training methods, tactics and even recommend squad changes to match and counter your opponent’s strengths.

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9. Top-notch Camera Views & 3D Engine

The joy of a Football Manager is to watch his team play the way he prepared them to. In FM 2020, you can watch your team from different camera views.

The acclaimed 3D engine makes viewing even more enjoyable as you scream tactical orders to your team.

The viewing experience keeps you on top of the action as you watch your dream come to life.

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10. Mobile Version

For different reasons, not everyone has the time or privilege of flipping their Laptop to enjoy the Football Manager 2020.

The Football Manager 2020 Mobile is a perfect match for people in this category. Though the mobile version has a limited feature, you can still enjoy the magnificent experience of leading your team to success on the pitch.

All in all, Football Manager 2020 is truly a game that ignites the passion for football fans.

It gives every fan an outstanding platform to showcase the Football Manager Talent they have, not just talk about it.

These ten features of the game give you more control than ever over youth development and your Club’s future.

Now, it’s your turn to contribute.

Have you played the Football manager 2020? What’s your experience like and what feature do you like most? Before commenting, see more soofootball articles.

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