How To Make Money From Football without betting and Make Money From Football Local Tournament

How To Make Money From Football Local Tournaments

It is important to know how to make money from football without betting or making money from Football Local Tournament.

Getting into the football business can be quite smart and hard due to its competitive nature.

But it doesn’t change the fact that there’s money in football, millions and millions of it.

Football is one of the most popular and passionate games on the planet. It has a huge fan base worldwide that you can’t even argue about its profitability.

If you walk down a street and find a cluster of cheering teenagers or even adults, it’s definitely about football.

They are either having a match on the streets or, better yet, watching at a viewing centre.

People do not only watch, but they want to participate too.

This is where the local tournaments thrive and rise to the challenge. If you are looking for How to make money From Football without Betting, you are at the right place.

It details how to make money from both elite and local leagues without much stress. There is truly nothing like earning from what you are passionate about.

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1. Organize Your Own Football Tournament

Wait! It’s not as stressful as you think!

How so? A lot of people have succeeded in this venture and you can do so too if you set your mind to success.

Organizing your own tournament doesn’t have to be hard, you only need to create a budget, find sponsors, get volunteers, promote the event and attract participating teams and spectators.

It will cost you because no business venture wouldn’t cost you money, anyway.

Nevertheless, you need to have the will to achieve your goal. If you don’t have capital, you start a fundraiser for your tournament.

Please also please bear in mind that you are not holding a tournament to just earn some quick cash.

Instead, you’re organizing a tournament that will be known throughout your region and grow each year with increasing participating teams.

When starting out, before you can Make Money From Football Local Tournament, you need to;

  • Source for volunteers as staff, a good fit will be college students and organizations who organize community service to help keep your salary budget at zero.
  • Get help from sponsors for funding because this could really cover up many costs and even take care of trophies and awards. They will be willing to give their products as awarding prizes to teams for their exposure.
  • Pick a location with the lowest rental cost.

How To Make Money From Organizing Your Own Football Tournament

Now that most of the troublesome work is done, what’s left is to earn from it. Set up and Make Money From Football Local Tournament through;


Ticket sales is a definite money maker during a match day, given that you will be able to charge every single person that comes to watch the game.

Therefore, you are advised to choose a location that you can easily control, also put in mind that a bigger location will give you more money.

However with this said, you can start out with a strategy by making the first few games free as a way to draw in a large crowd.

When the tournament gets interesting, you can then put in this feature. And please make the price affordable and not too expensive.

Following this guideline is one of the good ways to make money from football without betting.

Team registration

There are a lot of young, talented footballers around you who want to show off their skills and are actually looking for an opportunity.

By helping them create an avenue to shine you can also benefit as well.

Set a reasonable amount for both you and the players so you don’t send them running and you don’t have to be at a loss.

A new league closer to home might just be what the people in your city are looking for.

Starting might not guarantee you a lot of teams but you will get them if you continue.

As previously mentioned, focus on growing a reputation for your tournament. This will help you to Make Money From Football Local Tournament easily.


Having your own tournament gives you the right to allow others to sell or not to sell because you rented a space and it’s now your turf (for the rental period).

An exception, in this case, will be if your location is a public ground or if you have a partial agreement.

In other words, your tournament is the reason why there are people concentrated in an area and why food sellers, kit sellers, etc. can get to make money.

After going through the stress of hosting, you think you might not just allow anybody to sell whatever they feel like on your ground.

It is actually up to you to let them do it for free or for a fee.

All football businesses do it especially at the elite level. In the Premier League, they offer stalls to suitable businesses (for a fee of course) at their games.

So, if you are thinking of How To Make Money From Football Local Tournament, Levying could just be the hit.

Setting up your own stall

You can set up your own stall to sell sports wears and kit to football fans. Every spectator is a potential customer, if not them, then their kids.

Some people, especially children, feel more connected to the game when they have their own jerseys, boot, scarves, etc. Who knows?

You can even start your own merch or customize gears with your client’s names.

TV coverage

Your sponsors might just be the ones to take your show to the big screen on your behalf.

Tournaments help rising stars, so you might just be helping to create a star footballer for the next generation.

Side attractions

As a side attraction for spectators, you can do a raffle draw with the gate tickets at the end of the tournament.


Find local businesses looking to place adverts in your tournament program. Also, you can make deals with them to be the only sellers at your venue.

2. Starting Your Own Football Club

If you are a football coach or an aspiring one, chances are that you are better off with starting your own football club.

The world is full of dreamers. Establishing your own football club out of passion will help a lot of those dreams come true.

There are also numerous opportunities for your club to make money from football without betting.

One of these includes participating in a National tournament or league competition.

Winning the grand prize or even a consolation prize will go a long way in supporting your club and not to mention the fun and connections you will encounter along the way.

Sometimes you can get paid for television (image your team’s matches played are aired on the network.

3. Rent Out Your Driveway or Supplies

This can work based on your proximity to the stadium or the venue.

If you have a driveway or a full empty compound wasting away, chances are that you can make a few quick bucks by renting it out.

Most leagues have their audience coming from a hundred miles away, which means they will most definitely bring their cars or buses.

And if the parking lots get filled, and the roads blocked, they will most definitely need a place to park and you can throw in a free offer to watch their vehicles.

Renting out party gear and supplies is also a good way to make money from football.

If you have a stockpile of chairs or equipment lying around, they can be rented out.

Both tournament organizers and the audience are actually prospective clients.

Most times, the venues become too full and stadium chairs become exhausted. By this time, people will be looking to rent out chairs to sit and enjoy the game.

4. Sell Food and Drinks

Selling food items in stadiums is another good way to make money during tournaments and local leagues.

Sometimes organizers rent out small stalls to business owners at a fee. This is not so bad since most stadiums have a policy to protect their clients.

Most stadiums do not allow food and drinks on their premises, and a select few are the only sellers in the vicinity.

Also, people order deliveries from outside the stadium to enjoy while watching matches.

You can offer this to your customers and charge a decent amount for delivery.

5. Sell Rare Sporting Gear

Setting up a stand to sell cheap Soccer Jerseys and kit is a good move if you are thinking of How To Make Money From Football without betting.

Some of these features have been previously mentioned.

Most spectators settle for buying a complete kit for themselves or their spouses or their children.

The best place to sell football gear is during match days when everyone is at the match venue.

They all want to be recognized as fans and participate in club jubilations and merriment.

Getting sports kits and wears is a way for them to feel connected to their teams. Therefore, they will look for you.

6. Starting a Local Football Podcast

Podcasts are getting really popular in these areas and are a good way for many people anywhere globally.

People who travel out of your town might want to keep in touch and be updated.

They want to know about what’s happening in their hometowns and that local league they used to watch or play in before they relocated.

Your podcast can give them a way to do that.

There is no particular thing a podcast should be about.

You can discuss local and international football, scores, player transfers, and even have feature coaches for interviews.

Settle on the type of content you want to provide and start well.

Build steady followers and listeners, then reach out to football businesses such as gyms, exercise coaches, football academies, etc. who can advertise or sponsor you.

You may learn more ideas from some of the best football podcasts.


Football gathers a lot of players and fans who need to satisfy a need in one way or the other.

You can help you feel in that need and at the same time make money or cultivate a steady stream of income.

In addition to the above-mentioned ideas, making money from football without betting is to write football articles for money.

Start that football event you want to, build that club you want to have, or start that business and sustain it with passion.

You do not need to worry too much about How To Make Money From Football. This piece should help you to get started if you really want to.

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