The Soofootball Show

The Soofootball show is a football podcast owned by

Podcasting has grown massively in the last decade.

how Podcasting has grown

A 2020 Statista study found that over 15 million UK citizens were monthly podcast listeners.

Bearing all these in mind, we thought Podcasting is a good market that complements our publishing business.

What Is The Soofootball Show All About?

The Soofootball Show is one of a kind podcast that has two major attributes:

  1. Undiluted personal opinions and reactions to football matters: The beauty of football is that we have differing views and opinions about the beautiful game. That is why we all do not support the same team. This Podcast brings that diversity to life as the anchor shares his own viewpoint or opinions on football. You may agree or disagree with his opinion but that is the fun part of it all.
  2. Typical fan reaction: The viewpoints and opinions aired on The Soofootball Show are purely from a fan’s point of view, not as an ex-footballer, coach, scout, or anything like that. The show is like football fans rubbing minds together.

As mentioned earlier, the Podcast is a product of and it is anchored by Stephen Oyelabi.

However, football guests are regularly invited to the show. So you’re always guaranteed more diversity of viewpoints and opinions.

Available Platforms

The Soofootball show is live and available on the following platforms below. We will update regularly when more platforms are available.

How Frequent Is The Show Published?

Typically, we publish the Soofootball show twice a week.

Once during the week and another on weekends.

How To Feature On The Soofootball Show

If you’d love to feature on our Podcast, simply make a booking below:

Or, make bookings here, or contact us to express your interest.

However, you must understand that we do not grant all requests to feature on the show.