footballers fight COVID-19 alongside coaches and clubs

Footballers Fight COVID-19 Alongside Coaches and Clubs

The whole Football world has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and some places have gotten the needed support during this challenging period. This article will reviews how Footballers fight COVID-19 and others that supported countries that have been troubled by this pandemic.


The Manchester City boss contributed generously to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain–where there is 213,024 number confirmed cases and 22,157 deaths. Coping with COVID-19 has been really tough in Spain.

Guardiola contributed a whopping 1 million euros to the Spanish Healthcare sector in his hometown Barcelona. These funds are for buying COVID-19 test kits and equipment and also to construct new hospitals to save more lives in Spain.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Iconic Swedish superstar started a Campaign called “Kick the Virus Away” to support the Corona Virus epidemic in Italy. The Enigmatic Striker – who plies his trade in AC Milan after a successful stint in LA Galaxy–funded his GoFundMe account with 1 Million Euros. He urged his colleagues to support the campaign in order to fight the COVID-19 plague in Italy.

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Italy has the highest record of cases in Europe with about 189,973 confirmed cases and 25,549 deaths. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contribution and campaign should go a long way in improving the healthcare facilities in Milan, Italy.


The former Manchester United Forward flew back to Meidera, his hometown in Portugal upon discovering that his teammate Daniele Rugani tested positive for Corona Virus. However, staying put in his homeland has not prevented the Portuguese Superstar from supporting the battle against the global epidemic.

Ronaldo and his superstar agent Jorge Mendes, raised a total of 1 million Euros to improve healthcare facilities in Italy.

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Reports of the Corona Virus are very much alarming in Spain. This has prompted Lionel Messi to voluntarily contribute 1 Million Euros to fight the deadly Corona Virus disease.

Reports suggest that Messi’s donation split into two different halves. One half for Barcelona while the other for his native country of Argentina. This effort is to tackle the debilitating disease in both areas.

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Arsenal FC

Despite Mikel Arteta’s contact with the virus, Arsenal did not hold back from contributing generously to fight the virus. Arsenal contributed 100,000 Pounds to Charities and made cars available to mental health workers.

The pandemic ravages the whole world, still footballers fight COVID-19 alongside coaches and football clubs. Victory is the only exception.

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