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5 Ways to Make Money Playing Soccer Video Games

Are you a lover of Football video games? Do you sometimes wish you didn’t have to switch off your game console and go to work? Well, FIFA 21 and PES 21 are great examples of football games that pay real money. And you can learn how to make money playing video games at home.

Many folks out there are actually spending a lot of time playing and earning with Soccer video games. How are they doing it? Keep reading as we go down into detail.

How to Make Money Playing Soccer Video Games at Home

1. Quality Assurance or BETA Testing

Computer programmers are always working on improvements as well as new ideas for Football video games. When these works have materialized into a finished product, design companies usually seek random participants willing to play the games. This initial set of persons test the quality of the game before the official release.

Quality assurance testers earn money for their time spent. While playing the game, they help detect technical flaws and evaluate the general feel/experience. The more chances you take at QA testing for Football video games, the higher rates you can demand subsequent opportunities.

Your ability to find intelligent loopholes in the design of a Football video game can endear you to game developers, so please do well to continue improving your skills.

how to make money playing video games at home

2. Professional Gaming Tournaments

This is a very lucrative path for all who love Football video games. There are a lot of competitions and tournaments at the local and international levels hosted regularly. The best of the best Pro-Gamers come through and compete for cash prices, among other eye-catching rewards.

An example of a great Football video games tournament is the FIFA eWorld Cup which is part of the eSports initiative. The best of the best players from all over the world come together yearly to compete for a lot of good cash.

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3. Upload or Stream Tutorial videos

You can make videos of yourself playing Football video games and upload them on your YouTube channel or Twitch.

Alternatively, do a live stream where viewers can join in to watch you play. These options will afford you the chance to deliver tips on ways to enjoy the gaming experience.

The clicks from viewers can earn you more money if you have a linked account at AdSense. Don’t forget to choose the option to allow video or banner ads to display. However, the hard part is getting your follower list running into thousands. Some real work will go into it.

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4. Seek Sponsors

This may sound strange but, yes, it does happen. Sponsors abound who will be raring to go into business with a Pro-Gamer under the right conditions.

For example, you have to ensure your following on YouTube, or any other streaming platform is massive enough.

Sponsors can offer their products or cash prizes to viewers who meet set requirements while gaining more publicity from leveraging on your large following. You also gain, of course; it is your idea after all. You can find sponsors by doing a wide search on search engines, Linked In, the social media to seek out viable brands.

Seeking sponsors is one of the best things to do when you have real money earning games in Football.

5. Online Tournaments with Friends

This may be the easiest plan on the list. Amateur and professional gamers alike can set up their own tournaments and invite online friends to participate. A registration fee is important; it helps you set prize winnings.

Most Football video games have cups or league formats so gamers can make a choice or do both. Winner takes all or Runners up take a fair share – the choice is yours.

real money earning games

Football Games That Pay Real Money

Football games that pay real money have gained significant popularity in recent years, combining the excitement of sports with the potential for financial rewards. These games offer enthusiasts a chance to showcase their football knowledge and skills while earning cash prizes. Here, we’ll discuss various types of football games that pay real money and the growing industry surrounding them.

Daily Fantasy Football

Daily fantasy football is a popular genre among football games that pay real money. Platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel offer users the opportunity to create virtual teams of real-life players and compete against other participants. Points are awarded based on the players’ performance in actual football games. Participants can enter contests with entry fees and compete for cash prizes, making it a thrilling way to test your football expertise.

Sports Betting

Sports betting, including football betting, is another avenue for those interested in football games that pay real money. Online sportsbooks allow users to wager on various aspects of football matches, such as the outcome, total points scored, or individual player performances. Successful bettors can cash in their winning wagers, turning their football knowledge into financial gains.

Football Prediction Games

Some apps and websites host football prediction games that pay real money. These games challenge users to predict various outcomes of football matches, such as the final score, goal scorers, or match statistics. Correct predictions can earn players cash rewards, making it an engaging way to follow football matches and compete for real money prizes.

Online Football Tournaments

Online football tournaments have emerged as a competitive space for gamers and football enthusiasts. Games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer offer online modes where players can participate in tournaments, often with cash prizes for the winners. These esports competitions provide an opportunity for skilled gamers to monetize their football gaming skills.

Football Manager Simulations

Football Manager games, like the Football Manager 2022 series, simulate the experience of managing a football team. Some platforms organize leagues and competitions within the game, where participants can join for a fee and compete for real cash prizes based on their managerial skills and team performance.

Football-themed Mobile Apps

There are mobile apps that offer mini-games and challenges related to football, where users can win real money or rewards. These apps often include quizzes, trivia, and skill-based games that allow football enthusiasts to test their knowledge and earn cash or prizes.

It’s important to note that while these football games that pay real money can be entertaining and potentially profitable, they also come with risks. Participants should be aware of responsible gaming practices, set limits on their spending, and ensure they are of legal age to participate in such activities according to their local laws and regulations. Additionally, users should choose reputable platforms to ensure a fair and secure gaming experience.


When you consider the amount of cash professional gamers make from tournaments they go into, it is amazing. There is so much money available to make with the steps listed above. However, there are no shortcuts to this; you will have to work long hours.

Apart from PES & FIFA game series, there is other football games that pay real money. The Football Manager by SEGA and Football Fantasy are other examples. The reality, however, is that almost all football video games can literally earn you money if you follow the steps outlined here.

Hopefully, this article helps you to monetize your hobby of playing Soccer Video Games.

Finally, do you know any other means of making money from playing Football video games? Would you mind mentioning them in the comments?

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