About Soofootball

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world, and that is not even up for debate. According to toptrendsports, there are about 3.5 Billion passionate football fans across the globe and this number increases yearly.

Soofootball forecasts that in 2030, there will be about 7 billion football fans globally.

Soofootball.com exists because of you and other passionate football fans around the world. We believe that football is beyond sports and entertainment.

It is a global language that connects millions of football fans, cutting across languages, race, and location. In fact, we see Football as a global religion.

Who Owns Soofootball?

Stephen Oyelabi owns Soofootall.

Stephen is a die-hard football fan all his life and has the vision of educating as many football fans around the world as possible.

How soofootball is formed

Soofootball does not sound strange, does it? Well, we believe it does not.

Of course, you know what the ‘football’ in ‘Soofootball’ means. Let’s make you understand the idea behind the “Soo”.

In literal English, the word “so”, when used as an adverb, could mean “to such a great extent”. Similarly, soofootball.com is so much about football.

However, in order to emphasize how much soofootball is passionate about the sport, there comes the “soo” in soofootball.com. 

Value of Soofootball.com

Soofootball.com was founded in January 2020 and its main value is to publish educative and informative football content to passionate football fans like you.

We understand that there are several football websites available but about 80% of these websites are news platforms that publish current happenings based on trends.

These websites are the go-to platforms to get the latest transfer news, match reports, live scores, etc. In a nutshell, this content fades with time.

The problem is that football fans need more than a news platform that satisfies their immediate interest. Football fans need a platform that educates them about football or answers their burning questions.

Unfortunately, most football news platforms do not have answers to these questions. Now, that’s why we have a solution:

The idea at soofootball is to publish football content that educates football fans and answers their burning questions. We publish evergreen content that survives the test of time.

Our principle is to publish content that football fans can bookmark and share; content that will remain relevant for years to come.

Target Audience

Soofootball is designed for all football fans available on the internet, but specifically those that make football search queries on search engines like Google.

Examples of such queries are; what are the features of the Football Manager 2020 game? What are the best football apps? How does VAR in Football work? How to predict a football match correctly etc.

It is essential to note that soofootball is not gender or race-bias. We welcome readers from all countries across the globe.

Content Style

Soofootball is NOT a news platform. We do not publish football content that is time-bound or based on current happenings or trends.

We publish informative and evergreen football content that survives the test of time. As mentioned earlier, our idea is to publish content that will move you to bookmark, share and make reference to them years after publishing.

Visit our write for us page to understand our content better or if you are interested in writing for us.