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FIFA 20 features Explained InDepth

FIFA 2020 was arguably one of the most anticipated Football video games in the world. The unique features of FIFA 20 are the reasons why over 80% of Google users love the video game and more people will love it over time.

Electronic Art Sports developed the FIFA 20 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. So, you can play the game comfortably on different platforms. Though, at Soofootball, we believe the game’s graphics are slightly better on Xbox One than other platforms.

IGN, one of the biggest online Football Games review websites, rates FIFA 20 7.8. The Game Awards nominated FIFA 20 for best traditional and nontraditional sport and racing game. This further shows how much the video game is widely accepted.

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If you are a gamer, you’d have no other choice but to love FIFA 20. Another game that you might enjoy is the Football manager 2020. In our review, we highlighted ten key features of the Football Manager 20 game that will stun you.

Back to FIFA 20, some new outstanding features make the game amazing to play when compared to other Football games. Some of these features are highlighted in this article.

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Seven (7) Unique Features of FIFA 2020 that you likely don’t know

The features of the FIFA 20 game are overwhelming but there are a few outstanding ones that make the game really unique. These features are in three categories; with the ball, without the ball, and the ball itself. But before going into details with that, we should consider the all-new FIFA 20 Volta Football.

1. Volta Football – The Newest FIFA 20 Feature

Volta Football feature is completely new to the FIFA series. It is a combination of the FIFA street and story-based Journey mode in older FIFA games. The feature enables you to play 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, and 5 vs. 5 and it focuses majorly on individual skills rather than team effort.

Furthermore, you have the option to customize your player’s gender, tattoo, clothing, etc., and also have a storyline mode that will be played with the player’s character.

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Interestingly, FIFA 20 Volta Football has a generic parking lot and warehouse at every location where the game can be played. Volta Football can be played in 17 locations with Lagos and Cape Town being the only African cities on the list. Other locations are Miami, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, etc.

Now, we move to the 3 categories of FIFA 20 features as outlined earlier; with the ball, without the ball, and the ball itself.

On the ball Features

These features are primarily things you can do on the FIFA 20 when you are in possession of the ball. On the Ball features allow you to enjoy more control over the crucial movements that determine the outcome of every match.

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2. Set-piece enhancement

Hitting the target with set pieces on the FIFA 20 is slightly better now. Unlike before, you can now pick your target and get the perfect timing from the spot. The set-piece enhancement also comes with other interesting features like curls, dips, and knuckles to free kicks.

In a nutshell, set pieces on the FIFA 20 now has better-aiming mechanics that make gameplay more interesting overall.

3. Strafe Dribbling

This feature gives an additional dimension to attacking play in the game. Strafe dribbling enables an attacker to move the ball with agility and lure defenders to come closer to the ball. This makes it really easy to beat defenders with either change-of-direction speed or a piece of skill. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer also has this feature but is slightly different.

Overall, the Strafe Dribbling feature makes attacking play much more interesting and real.

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4. Controlled tackling

Now, this is a major game-changer in the FIFA series. Previous FIFA series never really had a major inbuilt technique to defend dangerous attackers but now, tackling and winning possession back has never been better with the new Controlled tackling on the FIFA 20.

This feature enables defenders to make a timed and accurate stretch of the leg to win the ball back easily.

5. Composed Finishing

The attacking play looks more real with the new finishing technique on FIFA 20. With the overhauled shooting, you can have a better clinical finishing when 1v1 with the Goalkeeper.

Off the Ball

Off the ball features, as the name implies, mean what you can do in the game when you are not in possession of the ball. This feature gives more time and space especially when defending. Basically, there is more emphasis on what you can do without the ball.

6. AI Defending Refit

AI Defending overhaul provides an extra dimension off the ball when defending. Defenders can easily win possession back by requesting support from an AI-Controlled teammate. This function is quite different from the controlled tackling system mentioned earlier. Unlike controlled tackling, defenders can get support from teammates.

The Ball

This category of feature is a bit different from the first two categories mentioned before. It focuses on the movement of the ball itself.

7. New Shot Trajectories

The Ball in motion system in FIFA 20 makes shot trajectories as realistic as possible. This feature enables attackers to take Curling Shots more intelligently especially when taking set-pieces. The ball swerves with utmost realism. It is also possible to take first-time rising shots that are almost impossible for a goalkeeper to parry.

Summary and Conclusion

The FIFA series of games appeal to a large audience of football gamers around the world. As mentioned before, FIFA 20 generally has a positive review from most of the review websites.

Interestingly, the new features of FIFA 20 create more realism to the gameplay. One main outstanding feature of the game is Volta Football. Other features of the game are in three categories; with the ball, without the ball, and the ball itself.

The most interesting feature, however, is Volta Football while the most innovative is the controlled tackling that enables defenders to make timely tackles.

All in all, the unique features of FIFA 20 highlighted are here are more than enough reasons to buy the FIFA 20 on your Windows computer, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch.

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