do soccer players wear new jerseys every game

Do football players get new jerseys every game?

A lot of football fans have diverse opinions on this subject matter. Many do not even know what to believe. But never mind, in this post, you’ll understand if Football players wear get jerseys every game.

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Now, back to the subject; do Soccer players wear new jerseys every game? Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, the straightforward answer is Yes and No.

Let us consider how or when Soccer players use same Jersey and when they don’t.

When Football Players Use the Same Jerseys

So, the reality is that in some football clubs, soccer jerseys are reused. Why? They simply cannot afford to get new jerseys after every game.

Moreover, such football clubs do not have the financial support or endorsement of top football apparel companies Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc.

Declan Edwards, who is a kitman for a current level 9 club in England said about the subject matter:

“They (Soccer Jerseys) get washed after every match and any minor damage is simply stitched. Any major damage means a new shirt needs to be ordered.”

Apparently, this is a shred of clear evidence that in the lower divisions, many football clubs use the same jerseys. They just have to wash, dry, and reuse.

To be clear, the Kitmen are responsible for washing the jerseys, not the players.

You can only imagine how often the Kitmen have to wash the Jerseys. Edwards further said:

“We have one set of home shirts and one set of away shirts for each team (Senior, Reserve, U18/19).”

From Edward’s statement, it is clear that most Soccer clubs in the lower division wash their jerseys AFTER every match since they have just one pair each for home and away matches.

When Football Players Get New Jerseys After Every Match

Truly, some other football clubs can afford to have new jerseys for their players after every match.

This means that they do not have to wash and reuse since there is another pair on the way for the next game.

Which football clubs are in this category? Well, almost all football clubs are in the top flight.

However, in some countries like England, even second-division footballers wear new jerseys after every game.

So, what determines if a club can allow Soccer players to use new Jerseys after every game? Simply put, it comes down to the financial strength of the club.

In most cases, the financial strength of a club is largely determined by sponsorship deals with top Sports brands.

Do Premier League Footballers Get New Jersey Every Game?

The answer is obvious. Yes, 100%. All Premier League football clubs get new Jerseys after every game. The reason is not farfetched. The Premier League is the richest league in the world.

According to BeSoccer, the Premier League’s total revenue for the 2021/22 season stands at a staggering £5.7 billion. That’s huge.

So, Premier League clubs can afford to have new jerseys after every single football match.

What Happens To Already Worn Soccer Jerseys After A Match?

Of course, for Football clubs in the lower divisions who have just one pair of jerseys, the answer is obvious. The Kitmen arrange for the jerseys to be washed and reused.

However, in top leagues like the Premier League, for example, soccer where new Soccer Jerseys are produced, the following scenario may apply:

  • Player takes his Jersey home
  • Swaps Jersey with an opposition player
  • Gift out their Jersey to a fan


To wrap it all up; do football players get new jerseys every game? It all depends on the club’s finances. Some clubs may have different jerseys for home and away games, as well as a third kit because they have a lot of money to spend on new jerseys each game.

On the other hand, other professional soccer clubs do not have the budget to replace jerseys every game.

However, in most of the top football clubs, players get new jerseys every game.

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