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The Best Selling Soccer Jerseys Worth Buying For Business

If you are into the Sports business to make money, it is important to consider the best selling Soccer Jerseys.

Soccer is arguably the most-watched sport globally, with a fan base reaching past a billion worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of clubs indulge in the sport globally.

Soccer fans are known to heavily favor the purchase of jerseys from their favorite clubs and other club paraphernalia.

But, which team’s jerseys are sure to ‘move the market’ from the sales perspective of sports shop owners?

Several factors can aid the process when making a list of jerseys that would sell fast.

Having the statistics of the officially registered club fans around top clubs globally can be especially useful. But, you probably know this kind of data will be hard to gather accurately.

So, to make a near accurate decision, we will look at the clubs that have the most followers on social media.

You can guess that a significant portion of these followers are actual club fans and will be most willing to buy the club jersey.

Deloitte Football Money League Report in January 2021 released a list of the top 15 clubs having the most social media following.

The list combined the total number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok only:

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1Real MadridSpain251.5
3Manchester UnitedEngland140.8
10Manchester CityEngland75.9
12Inter MilanItaly37.4
13Borussia DortmundGermany33
14Atletico MadridSpain31.6

List of the Best Selling Soccer Jerseys

Following the above data, it is logical to conclude that More Fans mean More Jersey Sales.

So, let’s highlight some of the best selling soccer jerseys by Football Clubs.

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Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona have arguably been the top two biggest clubs in world soccer for a while.

The ‘Ronaldo vs Messi’ rivalry kept both clubs high on the priority list of fans worldwide.

One can imagine that fans of other top clubs routinely pick a side when an El Clasico fixture comes up.

It would not be abnormal to see sales of Real Madrid and Barcelona jerseys occurring very frequently.

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Manchester United

Manchester United remains the most popular club in England with a fan base that keeps growing despite the mixed fortunes after Alex Ferguson’s exit.

Italian giant Juventus has enjoyed a sharp increase in the global following from fans since Cristiano Ronaldo joined in 2018.

No doubt, the patronage for ‘the Old Lady’ jerseys has increased since then.


Chelsea has been the most successful English club over the past few years since owner Roman Abramovich took over.

The London club has won almost everything in sight, signing big players and growing fan base numbers.

Liverpool and PSG were finalists in the 2019 and 2020 Champions League finals, respectively.

The fans of both clubs enjoy rich results from time to time, no doubt making them proud of the jersey.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has become a lethal force in world soccer.

Rest assured, the jerseys of Robert Lewandowski would be selling much more since he bagged the award as FIFA The Best world player 2020.


Arsenal jerseys have always been well patronized over the years as one of England’s most successful, staying afloat clubs has undoubtedly improved the London club’s fan base.

And, for the other clubs listed below Arsenal, you definitely should have heard of or watched them play in the top competitions.


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In total, The clubs listed above are some of the biggest in European and World soccer, with fan base digits increasing daily.

It can never go wrong with jerseys from these clubs going on sale in sports shops.

It may seem rare to have club’s fans interested in owning various jerseys from random clubs.

But when you see such persons, they probably own jerseys from clubs on the above list.

For all those considering investing in the jersey sales business, you sure will gain grounds from monitoring growth in clubs’ fan bases when stocking up for sales.

The market that is available out there is rather vast, as club fans are constantly looking to buy new jersey designs.

Are there any jerseys you think to sell a lot but were not mentioned? Please tell us in the comments, so we will learn from you.

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