Who are the Best African Wingers of All Time?

Best African Wingers of all time

Last Updated on October 8, 2021

Africa is blessed with so many great footballers. However, only a few African wingers have are really successful at the highest level. It should be interesting to find out who the best African Wingers are.

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Think about it: The Greatest African Footballers ever are either Strikers, Central Midfielder, or Center Backs. Only very few wingers made the top 50 African footballers. The very few wingers that made the cut did not play their football at the highest level so these ones cannot be considered as one of the greatest African Wingers of all time.

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The likes of Samuel Eto, George Weah, Kanu, Okocha, Drogba, Yaya and Kolo Toure, Sammy Koufour, Koulibaly etc. are one of the greatest African Footballers ever. How many African wingers are in the Class of these great Footballers? Only very few.

Who then are the Greatest African Wingers of all-time?

There are no real iconic African Wingers in the last few decades who dominated top football. But the story is a bit different in modern-day football. Africa now has some of the best wingers in Top football more than the last few decades.

Soofootball rates Premier League pairs as arguably the Best African Wingers of all time: Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah, and Riyad Mahrez.

Why Mane, Salah and Mahrez?

  • These 3 players play in one of Europe’s top 5 leagues – English Premier League
  • They have made a major impact on their respective teams
  • These players all have won Major Trophies at Club level.
  • They are the most important players for their individual nations.
  • These players have all won the coveted African Footballer of the Year Award.

These are collective reasons why these 3 players are regarded as the best African Wingers of all-time. However, now we will analyze them individually.

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Why Mane?

Sadio Mane is one of the most feared African Wingers in the modern game. Since his move from Red Bull Salzburg to Southampton in 2014, he has grown from strength to strength.

Sadio Mane is known for his trickery, lightning pace, and eye for goal. His eye-catching performances for Southampton earned him a move to Liverpool in June 2016.

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The Senegalese superstar took his game to the next level since he joined Liverpool.

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So far, he has helped Liverpool secure the English Premier League (after 30 years), Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup.

Personal accolades have not eluded him too. He won the African Player of the Year, and Premier League Golden Boot in 2019.

He carried his National team (Senegal) to the Final of the AFCON 2019 where he eventually lost to Mahrez’s Algeria.

It is impossible to ignore Mane’s achievements, hence Soofootball rates him as one of the best African wingers of all time.

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Why Salah?

Sallah did not have the best starts in the Premier League. He joined Chelsea from Basel in 2014 after some dazzling performances, especially in the Champions League. However, things did not work out for him in the beginning. He struggled to get game time because he lacked consistency at the time.

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The Egyptian Winger was eventually sent out on loan to Fiorentina and then Roma. Salah made name for himself in Serie A, especially at Roma.

In his final season at Roma, he scored 15 goals, just behind Edin Dzeko and he had 13 Assists (more than any of his teammates.) Salah helped Roma to cling to 5th position in Serie A that season.

His Stunning display at Roma earned him a big Move to Liverpool in June 2017. Since then Salah has got even better.

Just like his teammate Mane, Salah has helped Liverpool to win the English Premier League (after 30 years), Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup.

Salah is a two-time winner of the African Footballer of the year award in 2017 and 2018. Also, he has won the Premier League Golden Boot twice.

These groundbreaking achievements are enough to make Salah worthy of being called one of the Greatest African Wingers of All time.

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Why Mahrez?

Riyad Mahrez completes the list of soofootball’s best African wingers of all time. Just like Mane and Salah, Mahrez made name for himself in the Premier League.

The Algerian wing Wizard helped Leicester City win their first-ever Premier League title in 2016. This is probably his biggest professional achievement. That season he scored 17 Premier League goals and had 11 assists in 37 Premier League Matches. Mahrez went on to clinch the PFA Player of the year in 2016.

His mesmerizing performances at Leicester City earned him a big move to Manchester City in July 2018 for a whopping £60m deal.

He has helped Manchester City win the Premier League twice, Carabao Cup twice, One Community Shield, and FA Cup apiece.

In addition to his Club success, he captained his national team to AFCON 2019 glory as Algeria defeated Sadio Mane’s Senegal in the Final. Mahrez was also crowned the African Footballer of the Year in 2016.

Mahrez’s huge success is obvious. So, It is really fitting to rate him as one of the best African Wingers of all time.

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The Verdict

Mane, Salah, and Mahrez are great Wingers and they all deserve to be on this list. However, from these 3 players, who is the best of them all?

Judging from team accolades, Mahrez is the best African Winger of all time.

Your turn

Do you think Mahrez can be called the Greatest African Winger of all time? Who’s your favorite African Winger of all time? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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