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Slat Bae World Cup Final Antics: Its Impact

In the final match of the 2022 World Cup, Turkish celebrity Salt Bae was seen celebrating the world cup victory with the Argentines on the pitch.

In fact, he held the trophy and appeared to sprinkle salt on the trophy.

The celebrity’s action was deemed a breach of FIFA rules and he’s currently being investigated.

Generally, many football fans were raged by Salt Bae’s antics because they believe he has dishonored football. In fact, many fans have questioned FIFA for allowing it.

Some fans even questioned why the pitch security didn’t get him out of the pitch.

Now, let’s look at the impact of Salt Bae’s actions on football generally.

FIFA Rules Undermined

According to FIFA, a pitch invasion is considered a violation of the laws of the game. Such a violation can result in the match being abandoned. 

In such cases, the referee has the authority to abandon the match if conditions become hostile and player safety is at risk. 

The FIFA rulebook states that the safety of players and match officials is a top priority and that any attempt to enter the field of play without permission is strictly prohibited. 

The exact consequences for pitch invasions vary depending on the circumstances and the governing body in charge of the match. But they can range from fines and stadium bans to criminal charges and legal penalties.

In the case of Salt Bae, FIFA are yet to officially announce his punishment. However, he’s banned from the US Cup.

Long story short, Salt Bae’s actions seem to undermine FIFA’s rules. How you may ask? Because he was not bundled off the pitch as soon as he invaded.

Many football fans out there may begin to think that it’s ok to invade the football pitch since a celebrity like Salt bae could do the same.

Rules Appear To Be Different For Celebrities

As mentioned before, Salt Bae was not bundled off the pitch as soon as he invaded the pitch like any other pitch invader would have been handled.

This makes us ask questions like: are the rules different for celebrities?

Even after his invasion, Salt Bae spent several minutes celebrating with the Argentines.

Not until after the match when football fans and top football personalities called FIFA out before there was news from FIFA that Salt Bae is being investigated.

This is not good enough.

The rule should be the same for everyone – celebrity or not.

Messi’s The GOAT, Not Ronaldo

Although, at Soofootball, we condemn Salt Bae’s actions, however, it further sheds more light on the existing controversial topic in football – who is the Football GOAT?

The GOAT debate is usually between Messi vs Ronaldo.

Before Argentina’s heroics in Qatar, Messi was usually taunted for not winning the World Cup. But now, he has won the World Cup and much to the delight of Football fans around the world including Salt Bae.

The triumph is not the regular one.

Messi, being touted as the Greatest Football player of All Time wins the World Cup. It is so incredible and forced Salt Bae into his antics.

Final Thought

While we expect FIFA’s punishment for Salt bae for his Qatar World Cup final antics, we are rest assured that his conduct is condemnable.

Football fans must remember that pitch invasion is wrong at all times.

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