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Players Who Scored 50 International Goals Or More [72 Players]

Scoring 50 international goals is an incredible achievement on its own, but it is thrilling to dig deeper to find out the first player to do so and how many players scored 50 international goals or more.

It may surprise you to find out that some Forwards who are not Strikers, made the list.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Football players Who scored 50 international goals In Order Of When It Was Achieved

In total, as of today, there are 72 football players who scored 50 international goals.

The first player to score 50 international goals was Imre Schlosser – the Hungarian legendary Forward.

See below the list of other players who achieved this great feat.

SNPlayer NameNationGoalsDate of 50th GoalTotal CapsAverage Goal Per MatchInternational Career Years
1Imre SchlosserHungary593 June 1917680.871906–1927
2Poul NielsenDenmark5214 June 1925381.371910–1925
3Ferenc PuskásHungary / Spain8424 July 1952890.941945–1962
4Sándor KocsisHungary7519 September 1954681.11948–1956
5Abdul Ghani MinhatMalaya / Malaysia6115 December 1961710.861956–1966
6Lajos TichyHungary5125 April 1964720.711955–1971
7PeléBrazil774 July 1965920.841957–1971
8Gerd MüllerWest Germany6818 June 1972621.11966–1974
9Kunishige KamamotoJapan7518 July 1972760.991964–1977
10Abdul KadirIndonesia708 August 19721110.631967–1979
11Mokhtar DahariMalaysia8922 August 19761420.631972–1985
12Cha Bum-kunSouth Korea585 September 19771350.431972–1986
13Iswadi IdrisIndonesia5519 November 1977970.571968–1980
14Kinnah PhiriMalawi716 July 19781170.611973–1981
15Godfrey ChitaluZambia797 November 19781110.711968–1980
16Joachim StreichEast Germany5526 July 19831020.541969–1984
17Hussein SaeedIraq7817 March 19841370.571977–1990
18Majed AbdullahSaudi Arabia7215 April 19841170.621977–1994
19Piyapong Pue-onThailand7030 January 19891000.71981–1997
20Ahmed RadhiIraq6218 August 19921210.511982–1997
21Fandi AhmadSingapore5516 December 19951010.541979–1997
22Adnan Al TalyaniUnited Arab Emirates5219 November 19961610.321983–1997
23Zainal Abidin HassanMalaysia5031 March 19971290.391980–1997
24Kazuyoshi MiuraJapan557 September 1997890.621990–2000
25Hossam HassanEgypt6825 February 19981760.391985–2006
26Ali DaeiIran1099 January 20001480.741993–2006
27Gabriel BatistutaArgentina5629 June 2000780.721991–2002
28Jasem Al-HuwaidiKuwait6330 September 2000830.761992–2003
29RomárioBrazil558 October 2000700.791987–2005
30Kiatisuk SenamuangThailand7123 January 20011340.531993–2007
31Hwang Sun-hongSouth Korea504 June 20021030.491988–2002
32Bashar AbdullahKuwait7525 December 20021340.561996–2007
33RonaldoBrazil6219 November 2003980.631994–2011
34Stern JohnTrinidad and Tobago7013 June 20041150.611995–2012
35Hakan ŞükürTurkey5111 October 20061120.461992–2007
36Jan KollerCzech Republic558 September 2007910.61999–2009
37Jon Dahl TomassonDenmark5221 November 20071120.461997–2010
38Karim BagheriIran509 January 2009870.571993–2010
39Carlos PavónHonduras5728 March 20091010.561993–2010
40Thierry HenryFrance519 September 20091230.411997–2010
41Miroslav KloseGermany7127 June 20101370.522001–2014
42Robbie KeaneRepublic of Ireland684 June 20111460.471998–2016
43Samuel Eto’oCameroon563 September 20111180.471997–2014
44David VillaSpain5911 October 2011980.62005–2017
45Didier DrogbaIvory Coast6513 January 20121050.622002–2014
46Carlos RuizGuatemala6815 August 20121330.511998–2016
47Landon DonovanUnited States575 July 20131570.362000–2014
48Younis MahmoudIraq575 March 20141480.392002–2016
49Cristiano RonaldoPortugal11726 June 20141890.622003–
50Zlatan IbrahimovićSweden624 September 20141210.512001–
51Bader Al-MutawaKuwait563 September 20151940.292003–
52Wayne RooneyEngland538 September 20151200.442003–2018
53Robin van PersieNetherlands5013 October 20151020.492005–2017
54Sunil ChhetriIndia8231 December 20151270.652005–
55Lionel MessiArgentina8629 March 20161620.532005–
56Ali AshfaqMaldives5729 March 2016890.642003–
57Clint DempseyUnited States577 June 20161410.42004–2018
58NeymarBrazil7411 November 20161190.622010–
59Lê Công VinhVietnam5120 November 2016830.612004–2016
60Edin DžekoBosnia and Herzegovina6128 March 20171220.52007–
61Shinji OkazakiJapan5028 March 20171190.422008–
62Asamoah GyanGhana5111 June 20171090.472003–
63Robert LewandowskiPoland765 October 20171310.582008–
64Tim CahillAustralia5010 October 20171080.462004–2018
65Phil YounghusbandPhilippines5222 March 20181080.482006–2019
66Luis SuárezUruguay6823 March 20181320.522007–
67Javier HernándezMexico5223 June 20181090.482009–
68Ali MabkhoutUnited Arab Emirates8031 August 20191070.752009–
69Romelu LukakuBelgium6810 October 20191020.672010–
70Edinson CavaniUruguay5618 November 20191320.422008–
71Teerasil DangdaThailand5314 December 20211140.462007–
72Harry KaneEngland507 June 2022710.72015–


From the table above, it is clear that Imre Schlosser of Hungary is the first player to score 50 international goals for a nation.

The lastest player to join the rank is Harry Kane, who has scored 50 goals in just 71 caps. In fact, Harry Kane is only the second English player to score 50 international goals for the National team after Wayne Rooney.

Hopefully, there will be more players who will score more than 50 international goals in the nearest future.

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