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Most International Caps: The Most Complete List

Although international football does not get as much attention as club football, it is still important that we find out the players with the most international caps.

Here, we have a detailed list of the 20 most capped internationals in football history.

Please note that only male football is considered here. We should have another list of the most capped international footballers in women’s football soon.

Also, please note that when there is a tie for international caps, the player with more goals wins. For goalkeepers, the one with the fewer goals conceded wins.

1. Soh Chin Ann | 250 Caps | Malaysian

Ann, who was born in 1950, is the most capped international footballer with 250 caps.

The Malaysian former Center-back’s nickname is Tauke or Towkay (meaning “boss” in English).

Although Ann retired from international football in 1984, the Asian Football Confederation recognizes his achievement and includes him in AFC Century Club in February 1999.

2. Bader Al-Mutawa | 192 Caps | Kuwait

Al-Mutawa plays primarily as a second striker and has scored 57 international goals for Kuwait.

He wears the number 17 shirt for both club and nation.

The Kuwaiti football legend is the most capped active international male footballer.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo | 191 Caps | Portugal

Ronaldo is widely recognized as one of the greatest players of all time. Moreover, he is often compared to Messi.

After amassing 191 international caps for Portugal, Ronaldo is regarded as a legend for his country.

Ronaldo won the Euro 2004 and 2016 with Portugal and remains one of the highest goal scorers of all time in International football.

Interestingly, Ronaldo is also one of the few footballers who have 50+ international goals.

4. Ahmed Hassan | 184 Caps | Egypt

Hassan is a retired Egyptian professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or right winger.

The Egyptian star has 184 caps for the Egypt national team, he is the 4th most capped international footballer.

African football fans widely recognized Hassan as one of the greatest African football players of all time.

5. Sergio Ramos | 180 Caps | Spain

Ramos, during his peak, was a regular for the Spanish national team.

The legendary center back, one of the most decorated real Madrid players, won every trophy available with the Spanish national team under Vicente del Bosque.

It is also important to mention that Ramos is one of the highest goal-scoring defenders in football history.

6. Ahmed Mubarak | 180 Caps | Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia is not a big football nation, Mubarak represented the country 180 times.

Mubarak is the 6th on our list of most capped international footballers.

7. Maynor Figueroa | 179 Caps | Honduras

Figueroa is a Honduran professional footballer who plays as a center-back and captained the national team.

The Honduran football legend has had 180 international caps since 2003. He featured in 3 CONCACAF Gold Cups, 2 FIFA World Cups, and the 2012 Olympics.

8. Claudio Suarez | 178 Caps | Mexico

Suarez started his career in 1988 and retired in 2010.

During this period, Suarez represented Mexico 178 times.

One key highlight in Suarez’s international career is representing Mexico at the 1998 World Cup.

9. Gianluigi Buffon | 176 Caps | Italy

Football fans widely recognize Buffon as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

In his 176 with the Azzurri, Buffon won the World Cup in 2006.

Also, Buffon is one of the few players with over 1,100 professional career appearances.

10. Hossam Hassan | 176 Caps | Egypt

Hossam Hassan is Egypt’s all-time leading goal scorer, with 83 goals in 176 games.

Hassan played for his country in the 1990 World Cup and the 7 Africa Cup of Nations editions.

It is essential to mention that Hassan is one of the highest goalscorers of all time in AFCON.

Also, Hassan is Africa’s most capped international footballer.

(You may check out a composite list of the most decorated African footballers.)

11. Mohamed Al-Deayea | 173 Caps | Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Al-Deayea was originally a handball player, before switching to football.

The decision eventually made sense as the Goalkeeper now has 173 international caps for Saudi Arabia.

12. Andres Guardado | Mexico | 173

Guardado has represented Mexico in 4 World Cups, 4 Gold Cups (winning 2011, 2015, and 2019 tournaments), 2 Copa Américas, and 2 Confederations Cups since 2005.

With 173 international caps, Guardado is the second most-capped player in Mexico’s national team history after Claudio Suarez.

It is important to mention that Guardado is one of the best CONCACAF midfielders of all time.

13. Shukor Salleh | 172 | Malaysia

Salleh was a key midfield player for the Malaysia national football team during the 1970s.

The Malaysian midfield mastreo won the Malaysian National Sportsman Award in 1977 for his contribution to the national team.

Salleh played a total of 215 matches for Malaysia (including non ‘A’ matches). However, 172 caps is the official record.

14. Amer Shafi | 171 Caps | Jordan

Amer Shafi began his career as a midfielder before transitioning to a goalkeeper.

At the moment, Shafi is the 12th player with the most international caps.

15. Ivan Hurtado | 168 Caps | Ecuador

Hurtado is the most capped South American male footballer of all time, with 168 international appearances.

The legendary Center-back started his international career in 1992 and ended in 2014.

In this period, Hurtado amassed 168 caps, hence, he is the 15th on our list of most capped international footballers.

16. Iker Casillas | 167 Caps | Spain

Casillas has 167 international caps for the Spain national team, hence he is the 16th most capped footballer of all time.

In addition, Iker Casillas led Spain to their first World Cup victory in 2010, keeping a tournament–record 5 clean sheets. Also, he collected the Yashin Award for outstanding goalkeeper

In the 2012 EURO championship, the legendary Goalkeeper set the championship record for the longest consecutive minutes without allowing a goal (509).

Interestingly, Casillas is one of the most decorated Real Madrid players ever.

17. Vitalijs Astafjevs | 165 Caps | Latvia

Astafjevs made his Latvian debut on August 26, 1992. It was a match against the then-European champions Denmark in qualification for the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Also, Astaefjevs captained Latvia at the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament.

In total, Astaefjevs has 165 international caps, to his name.

18. Cobi Jones | 163 Caps | USA

Jones is one of the best American Soccer players of all time.

In 1994, Jones made his international debut and has since represented his nation 163 times. No other American has a better international cap.

Jones is the 18th on our list of most capped international footballers.

19. Hassan Al-Haydos | 163 Caps | Qatar

Al-haydos is a Qatari professional footballer who plays as a striker.

On September 10, 2008, Al-Haydos made his senior Qatar national football team debut. Ever since then, AL-haydos has presented his nation 163 times in total.

20. Mohammed Al-Khilaiwi | 163 Caps | Saudi Arabia

AlKhilaiwi is a former Saudi Arabian defender.

The legendary defender represented his country 163 times between 1992 and 2001.

In addition, Alkhilaiwi competed in the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1992, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1995, the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1997, and the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999, and the Summer Olympics in 1996.

Which team has played the most international football matches?

There is no record or data available to know which team has played the most international football matches.

However, Germany has played the most World Cup matches than any other country – 106 matches in total.

Which Team Played The First International Fixture?

England and Scotland played the first-ever international fixture on the 30th of November 1872.

The match ended in a goalless draw.

Which goalkeeper has the most international caps?

Contrary to what you may see elsewhere, Gianluigi Buffon of Italy is the GoalKeeper that has the most international caps in football history with 176 caps to his name.

Other websites publish that Mohamed Al-Deayea holds that record but that’s a mistake because he played 5 unofficial matches for Saudi Arabia that do not qualify as international caps. Hence, his total official international cap is 173 – 3 short of Buffon’s record.

Numbers never lie.

Final Thought

In summary, Malaysian Center Back, Soh Chin Ann is the Football player with the most international caps after earning 250 caps before his retirement in 1984.

Contrary to what many may think, Cristiano Ronaldo is the 3rd most capped football player with 191 caps to his name.

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