why soccer players kiss each other

Why Soccer Players Kiss Each Other, The Trophy or Their Wrist

Footballers today show a lot of emotions during and after a football match. One of those things they do is kiss each other. As a fan, you wonder why Soccer players kiss each other.

In this post, you’ll get the exact reason why soccer players kiss each other and more.

Why Soccer Players Kiss Each Other

Amongst other reasons, there are 3 major reasons why Soccer players kiss each other. All 3 are highlighted below:


Naturally, all football fans have a great passion for the sport. Similarly, these soccer players are filled with a lot of emotions during a game.

This passion for football naturally would move a player to kiss another player on the soccer pitch.

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Sheer excitement during a football match could make soccer players kiss each other.

Of course, the excitement has to be tied around a positive event that must have happened on the pitch.

Some of these possible scenarios would be highlighted below.

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Personal Relationship

There is no secret that some footballers playing in the same team are closest to one or two players in the entire squad than others.

A typical example is Luis Suarez’s close relationship with Neymar and Messi. These players confessed that they were real friends even off the pitch.

This kind of personal relationship would easily move a player to kiss the other on the soccer pitch.

A collection video of players kissing each other

Scenarios Where Soccer Players Kiss Each Other

We’ve considered why soccer players kiss each other. Now, we’ll highlight the major scenarios in football when a player is most likely to kiss another.

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After A Team Goal

Goal evokes emotions in football. After a team goal, players gather around to celebrate it and kiss each other in this instance.

Defending A Near-goal Open Play Attack

When what looks like an obvious goal is well-defended, players resort to kissing each other. A typical example is clearing the off-the-line after a Goalkeeper is beaten.

Or when the last defender, by virtue of a clean tackle, prevents the attacker from shooting to an open goal.

Defenders are most likely to fall into this category.

Saving A Penalty

In this instance, the Goalkeeper is usually the hero.

Teammates rush to kiss their goalkeeper when he saves a penalty during a football match.

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Saving A Near-goal Freekick

Ideally, a comfortable save of a free-kick would not move any player to kiss his goalkeeper.

However, a top-class save of a goal-bound free-kick would move teammates to kiss their Goalkeeper.

A typical example is Aaron Ramsdale’s world-class, save against Leicester City.

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Providing An Assist

Not only the goal scorers are heroes. Assist providers are lauded too.

This explains why the goal scorer would kiss his assist provider.

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Dying Minutes Events

Of course, there is a thin margin between winning and losing a football match. Events in the dying minutes of a football match raise the tension among players.

So, when any of the above-listed scenarios happen in the dying minutes or seconds of a match, players tend to kiss each other.

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Why Soccer Players Kiss The Trophy

At other times, players do not kiss each other, they kiss the trophy they’ve just won.

The reason is obvious. They are overjoyed at winning the trophy so they kiss it.

Why Soccer Players Kiss Their Wrist

A few players choose to kiss their wrists especially after scoring a goal, like Luis Suarez.

Watch below why Suarez wears a bandage around his wrist and why he kisses it.

One possible reason for this is some superstitious beliefs about wrists.

Another reason why soccer players kiss their wrists could be engraved tattoos on a player’s wrist. It could be a tattoo of a loved one or something that is important to them.

Final Thought

All in all, a mix of excitement, passion, and personal relationships could move players to kiss each other.

There are many scenarios when this could happen and the standout scenario is clearing a goal-bound attack.

One main reason why soccer players kiss the trophy is the joy of winning it.

On the other hand, soccer players kissing their wrists may be due to the superstition of a wrist-engraved tattoo of someone or something important to them.

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