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What Is Apps In Soccer Stats? 16 Other Abbreviations Explained

For new football fans, it may be challenging to understand some abbreviations around soccer stats. For example, many do not know what Apps mean in soccer stats.

Never worry. You are not alone and this post would explain all the common terms around football statistics.

16 Soccer Stat Abbreviations You Should Know

1. Apps

What is Apps in soccer stats? Apps simply means APPEARANCE – The number of times a player or team featured in a football match.

2. P or MP

P or MP in Football stats means PLAYED or MATCHES PLAYED respectively. It has almost the same meaning as Apps in soccer stats. However, for different reasons, stat platforms could use any of these terms depending on what they are analyzing. The essence of this post is to let you know all terms used.

3. W

W in soccer stats mean WIN (or WON as the case may be)- The number of times a team has won a match in a given competition for a defined period. For example, if team won 5 matches, 5 would be recorded in the W column.

4. D

D in football stats simply DRAW -the number of times a team has drawn a football match in a given competition for a specific period. Draw further means stalemates.

For example, if team has drawn 5 matches, 5 would be recorded in the D column.

5. L

L in soccer stats mean LOSE (or LOST as the case may be) – The number of times a team has lost a football match.

For example, if a team as lost 10 matches, 10 would be recorded in the L column.

6. GF

GF in football Stats mean GOAL FAVOUR – The number goals scored by a Football team in a competition for a defined period of time.

7. GA

GA is a common abbreviation in Soccer stats. It simply means GOAL AGAINST – The number of goals conceded by a Football team in a given competition.

8. GD

GD means GOAL DIFFERENCE (GA – GA) – The number Goal Favour minus the number Goals Conceded.

9. PTS

PTS simply means POINTS. 3 points is awarded to the winning team.

1 point is awarded to both team who draw. For example, if a match ends with 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, or 4-4, both teams have drawn and would earn 1 point each.

However, if a team loses, they get no points.

10. Asst

In some stats, you see Asst. It simply means ASSITS – The number of a player’s passes that led to a direct goal for the player’s team.

11. CC

This abbreviation is not very common in many soccer stats but the meaning is very common in Football generally. CC means CHANCES CREATED – The number goal scoring opportunities created by a player (or team).

12. YC or ????

This is pretty straightforward. YC means YELLOW CARD – The number of times a player is booked for a Yellow Card offence by the referee.

13. RC or ???? 

Similar to YC, RC means RED CARD – The number of times a player has been sent off by the referee. This could be as a result of 2 yellow cards in a match or a straight red card.

14. H2H

This is a very common abbreviation in soccer stats. H2H means HEAD TO HEAD. This is an all-encompassing stat that compares all metrics of 2 more players or teams.

For example, check out our H2H comparison of Messi and Ronaldo.

15. H

This stat is very much common with competition standings or tables. H means HOME (Matches) – The number of matches played in the home stadium of a team.

16. A

In soccer stats, A means AWAY – The number of matches played away from home stadium by a football team.

However, it is important to mention that some stat reference A as ASSITS also. The context of the stat determines what A could mean.

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