Why Soccer players fake injuries

Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries?

It is common for us to see football players today feign injuries. This post will explain why soccer players fake injuries and what can be done about it.

Of course you can only feign injury when there is a tackle or a close body contact since football is a contact sport. But we’ll the most likely motives of players for feigning injuries.

Time Wasting

In most cases, players fake injuries just to waste time, especially when such player is on the winnng side.

Or in some other cases when such player is in the team dubbed “underdogs” and they’ve managed to grind out a draw against an overwhelming favorite.

Faking injuries, especially towards the end of the match, is just the perfect way to see out the draw or victory as the case may be.

Get Opponents Yellow-carded

Players can be actors these days. They could intentionally fake injuries, just trick the referee or convince him to show the opponent a yellow card.

Generally, when a key player is on a yellow card, they are typically more cautious in their tackles, duels, and challenges afterwards.

Players then try to put pressure on the opponent with a yellow card. They try to attack the man on yellow card in two just to commit him to another bookable offense.

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Get Opponents Sent Off

Another big reason why soccer players fake injuries is to get their opponent sent off. In this scenario, a straight Red Card applies.

Physiologically, the referee may be carried away to the extent of exaggerated injury and hand the offender a straight red card.

However, with the advent of VAR in Football, this kind of decision can easily be overturned.

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Win Penalty

To be candid, this is likely the biggest reason why soccer players fake injuries. Winning a penalty increases their probability of scoring, to say 80%.

If they are lucky enough to convert the penalty, better for them. Hence, they stand a good chance of winning the game.

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To Alter Opponents Rhythm

A team like Guardiola’s Manchester City that loves to dominate the game with ball possession would usually fall victim to players faking injuries.

Why? It alters their style of play and that’s an advantage for the opponent.

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