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Footballers Who Never Had A Red Card In Their Career

We live in a football world where red cards are easily dished out to players. Actually, players like Granit Xhaka and Mario Balotelli, for example, are known for getting red cards. While almost all footballers have gotten a red card at least once in their career, there are a few who never had a red card till they retired.

Because football is a contact sport, it almost looks superhuman to not have a red card in modern football.

However, there are 4 legendary players who have been able to achieve this; Raul Gonzalez, Andres Iniesta, Philipp Lahm, and Gary Lineker.

1. Raul Gonzalez

Raul never had a red card in his career

Raul, who is one of the most decorated Madrid players ever, played 1018 games in his entire career and never had a single red card.

Although many football fans argue that being a striker reduces the chances of getting a red card, the point still remains that Raul’s achievement is incredible.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has 13 career red cards so far in his illustrious career while Mario Balotelli has 3.

In truth, almost all strikers in football have at least had a red card once in their career but not Raul.

(Raul is also one of the highest goal scorers in Real Madrid history.)

2. Andrés Iniesta

Andres Iniesta Never Had a Red Card in his career

Spain and Barcelona legend Iniesta is a legendary midfielder. In fact, he is the best ever midfielder by the number of trophies won.

In his 927 career games, Iniesta never saw a red card.

Iniesta is an impeccable example of talent, quality, and discipline.

This sums up Iniesta’s legendary career.

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3. Philipp Lahm

Philipp Lahm is the only defender in the history of football that never got a red card in his career. This is such an astonishing achievement.

It is true that defenders have the highest chances of getting a red card than any other outfield player but Philipp Lahm managed to avoid a red card in 765 matches for both his country and club.

Although Lahm is one of the best rightbacks in football and also one of the most versatile, his discipline is indeed worthy of emulation.

Philip Lahm never got a red card in his career

4. Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker, who is one of the best International players ever, is another legendary striker like Raul who managed to avoid a red card in his career.

The English legend played just 567 games in his illustrious career but his discipline is worthy of emulation by modern-day strikers.

Gary Linker for Barcelona

Final Thought

Although it requires a lot of discipline to avoid a red card in football, strikers and offensive midfielders should be given a lot of credit.

Amongst the footballers who never had a red card in their career, the biggest credit should go to Phillip Lahm who is a defender.

It is five times more difficult to keep a record of no red card as a defender than any other outfield player.

Lahm is one unsung hero in world football who should be more appreciated.

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