Guardiola Champions league stats and records

Intriguing Guardiola Champions League Stats & Record

After 12 topflight Champions League seasons and now 3 Champions League titles with a peak-Messi-Inspired Barcelona and the Oil-rich Manchester City team, maybe it’s time for Guardiola Champions League Stats and record review.

So, in this post, we’ll look at Guardiola’s Champions League stats with all clubs he represented, how much he has spent to date, and his Champions League comparison with other top Managers.

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Guardiola Champions League Stats or Record in Summary

  • Pep Guardiola has won 3 Champions League Titles – 2 With Barca and 1 with City.
  • Pep Guardiola has been to 8 Champions League Semi-Finals so far in his career.
  • Guardiola’s poorest Champions League record is his RO16 elimination by Monaco against City in the 2016/17 season.

Next, Soofootball will highlight Guardiola’s champions record per season by club.

Guardiola Champions League Record With Barcelona

SeasonBest ResultScoreTransfer Spent
2008-09WinnerBarcelona 2-0 Man Utd€96M
2009-10Semi-finalBarcelona 2-3 Inter (agg.)€113M
2010-11WinnerBarcelona 3-1 Man Utd€72.5M
2011-12Semi-finalBarcelona 2-3 Chelsea (agg.)€60M

At Barcelona, Guardiola was blessed with the presence of a rising superstar in Messi. Under Guardiola’s watch, Messi rose to stardom and became the best player in the world.

In Guardiola’s first full season as Barca manager, he won the Champions League and defeated Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in the final.

Just 2 years later, Guardiola repeated the same feat. His Barca team beat Manchester United again in the final to claim his second Champions League title as a manager with just 3 years of top-flight experience.

Guardiola Champions League Record With Bayern Munich

SeasonBest ResultScoreTransfer Spent
2013-14Semi-finalBayern 0-5 Real Madrid (agg.)€62
2014-15Semi-finalBayern 3-5 Barcelona (agg.)€53.4
2015-16Semi-finalBayern 2-2 Atletico Madrid (agg.)€88.5M
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Before joining Bayern Munich, Guardiola went on a 1 year sabbatical leave after failing to win the League and Champions League in his last season with Barca.

Guardiola inherited a treble-winning squad from Jupp Heynckes, and much was expected from Guardiola.

Although Guardiola’s Bayern Munich went so close 3 times, they never went beyond the Semi Final in his 3 seasons with the German Club.

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Guardiola Champions League Record With Manchester City

SeasonBest ResultScoreTransfer Spent
2016-17Round of 16Manchester City 6-6 Monaco (agg.)€213M
2017-18Quarter-finalManchester City 1-5 Liverpool (agg.)€305.5M
2018-19Quarter-finalManchester City 4-4 Tottenham (agg.)€70.3M
2019-20Semi-finalManchester City 1-3 Lyon (agg.)€155M
2020-21FinalManchester City 0-1 Chelsea€171.8M
2021-22Semi-finalManchester City 5-6 Real Madrid€117M
2022-23WinnerManchester City 1 vs 0 Inter Milan

A new Chapter started for Guardiola in English Football.

Guardiola’s Manchester city shattered all records and won every domestic trophy in England.

However, they’ve been unable to replicate the same success in the Champions League.

Manchester City’s most recent elimination by Real Madrid after being one foot in the final is another talking point.

Guardiola Transfer Spent Record

Over the years, Football fans have always accused Guardiola of spending more than other managers to achieve success.

In summary, Guardiola has spent €1,578,000,000 (1.5 Billion Euros) so far in transfers on players since he started his career as a manager.

Well, below here is a record of how much Guardiola has spent since he started his managerial career.

YearClubTransfer Spent (€) in Million
2013Bayern Munich62M
2014Bayern Munich53.4M
2015Bayern Munich88.5M
2016Manchester City213M
2017Manchester City305.5M
2018Manchester City70.3M
2019Manchester City155M
2020Manchester City171.8M
2021Manchester City117M
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Also, below is a chart of how much he spent on the transfer of players per season.

Guardiola Transfer Spent all time stat

Chart Keys: Barca – Red | Bayern – Yellow | Man City – Blue

Final Thought

Guardiola is an incredibly talented manager. His record speaks for itself.

Judging Guardiola solely based on his Champions League title win is not fair.

Sooner or later, Guardiola would win the Champions League trophy. Even if not, he’s still a great manager, regardless.

You may like to compare Guardiola with Jurgen Klopp or Jose Mourinho and see how he fares.

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