The Best Football Podcasts To Listen To [Unique List]

Best football podcasts

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

Football Podcasts are getting more attention lately. More football fans today would rather listen to podcasts than Radio. In fact, some prefer listening to football podcasts to reading articles. Why? Because podcasts can be minimized while doing other activities but reading doesn’t work that way. In this post, you’ll find a unique list of the best football podcasts from around the world.

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The list is unique (just like every other article on Soofootball) because it is not based on some random google search. We generated the list from an opinion poll where real fans recommended podcasts based on their own experience, not hearsay.

So, here we compiled a list of the best football podcasts to listen to. Never mind the order. They are all valuable.

The gab & Juls show 

A large group of our respondents like the Gab & Juls Show. The show is a product of the Popular ESPN and it is anchored by Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens, hence the name Gab & Juls.

The podcast focuses on the latest news and gossip. So, if you’re looking to get updated via a podcast, gab & Juls show is one of the best football podcasts for you. 

Furthermore, Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens analyze matches with special guests and give their unique personal opinions on trending topics.

English Through Football Podcast

One of our respondents who chose to be anonymous said about the English Through Football Podcast: “It’s really one of the best football channels.”

The podcast is basically for students who love football and seeking opportunities to improve their “football vocabularies”.

For example, on their 759th episode entitled – Learning English Through Football Podcast: Ronaldo’s Late Goals, they explained some terms used to describe Ronaldo’s late goals for Manchester United. Some of these terms explained are ‘trademark header‘; ‘volleyed in‘; ‘breathless‘ and ‘bundle home‘.

If you’re keen to understand more keyphrases in football, you should enjoy this podcast.

Tifo Football Podcast

If you’re ever looking for a funny, yet valuable football podcast, the Tifo Football Podcast has to be one of the best football podcasts for you.

The podcast offers “In-depth tactical, historical & geopolitical breakdowns of the beautiful game”.

It is important to mention that the podcast is not free. They charge $71.88 annually and $7.99 per month. Although, you get a 30-day free trial irrespective of the plan you choose.

That Peter Crouch Podcast 

Again, we mention another funny yet insightful football podcast. One of our respondents said That Peter Crouch Podcast “is actually quite funny”.

First, the podcast provides guides on how to be a professional footballer. Also, the podcast highlights trending news, transfers, and insider dressing room stuffs.

Overall, many football fans enjoy That Peter Crouch Podcast. It is one of the best football podcasts out there.

Totally Football show

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If you looking for a football podcast that analyses the English Premier League, Totally Football Show should be your go-to podcast.

In the UK alone, there are well over 3k football fans searching for the podcast on Google Search engine every month.

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Check out the podcast and see for yourself why many football fans love it.

Italian Football Podcast

If you follow Serie A regularly, the Italian Football Podcast should be your favorite Football Podcast.

The show features just twice weekly and gives a roundup of all Serie A matches of the week.

Go check out the podcast. You should love it.

The Football Ramble

The Football Ramble is a top football podcast that earned a lot of positive reviews from our respondents. The podcast highlights the Premier League, Copa Libeteratos, and other competitions.

Kate Mason, Marcus Speller, and a few others currently host the show. From our respondents, they say The Football Ramble is lively and very analytical.

Guardian Football Weekly

To be candid, Guardian Football weekly is one of the best football podcasts available today. Why? The intro at the beginning of each episode is interesting. They usually share a general overview of what the episode is all about before diving into details. It makes you lookout for what you really want right from the start.

The podcast is hosted by Max Rushden and a few other regular guests.

Overall, you should love the podcast.

The Price of Football

There are very few football podcasts that share in-depth details on the financial aspect of the beautiful game. Most football podcasts highlight football matches and news but The Price of Football Podcast is indeed unique.

Although the podcast does not talk about how to make money from football, it dwells on the Financial aspect of football generally.

The show is hosted by Kieran Maguire, who is a Football Finance Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, and Kevin Day.

With Kieran Maguire particularly on the show, you’ll get in-depth analysis on financial aspects in football.

Vibe with Five 

Vibe with Five is actually a product of Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube Channel – Rio Ferdinand Presents Five.

On the Channel, Rio Ferdinand gives great insight into the game and regularly invites top football personalities on the show.

“It’s a great listen, albeit it is a bit more United-centric than other pods. It’s honestly entertaining when United are how they are.”, said one of our respondents who is likely a Liverpool fan.

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Whether you’re a United fan or not, you should enjoy the show if you’re a die-hard football fan.

The Corner Flag

“I’ve listened to a few episodes of The Corner Flag. It’s an Indian football podcast mostly based on weekly EPL matches and news. It feels like a fun conversation with friends with some good banter. Must try!”, said one of our pollees.

Most of the football podcasts here are based in the UK but the Corner Flag is based in India and gets reasonable attention from football fans in the Uk and around the world.


Of course, there are many more football podcasts out there, but from our opinion poll, these podcasts listed are fans’ favorite.

Although our list of best football podcasts is not ranked in any particular order, one particular podcast that got the most mention from our poll is the Tifo Football podcast.

So, if you’re keen on following any football podcasts, you have more than enough options here. The good thing again is that most of these podcasts are free.

Do feel free to share your personal experience in the comment box on any of the listed football podcasts.

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