gerard piqué stats for barcelona

Gerard Piqué Stats And Record For Barcelona

On Thursday, November 3rd, 2022, Barcelona’s legendary defender, Gerard Pique announced his retirement from football. It is therefore a perfect time to look into some key Gerard Piqué stats for Barcelona.

Of course, we know that Piqué spent a brief moment in his career at Manchester United. We’ll focus on Barcelona for Piqué stats because he spent most of his time at the Catalan club and he graduated from their football academy.

Summary of Some Key Gerard Piqué Stats For Barcelona

  • Piqué made a total of 616 appearances for Barcelona.
  • In total Piqué scored 53 goals and had 15 assists for Barcelona.
  • The Catalan defender had only 4 red cards in Barcelona Shirt and 5 career red cards overall.
  • Piqué won 34 major trophies with Barcelona including 3 Champions League medals.

615 Appearances For Barcelona

Gerard Piqué made a total of 616 appearances for Barcelona.

The Catalan defender featured most in La Liga with 397 appearances for Barca. This is miles away from the record La Liga appearances – Zubizarreta, with 622 league apps.

As mentioned earlier, Pique featured for Barca more than any other club – Manchester United (28) and Real Zaragoza (23).

53 Goals and 16 Assists for Barca

Gerard Piqué managed to score a total of 53 goals for Barca. As a defender, the number is decent.

The Catalan defender’s goals are way behind Ronald Koeman’s, who is the highest goal-scoring defender in football history.

16 career assists for a defender like Pique is also decent. Of course, as you may know, midfielders are most likely to have assists.

4 Red cards In Barca Shirt and 5 in total

In football, Defenders are most likely to have red cards than any other player in other positions.

Gerrard Pique’s 4 red cards in Barca shirt in 616 appearances is more than decent.

By contrast, Sergio Ramos has had a total of 28 career Red cards.

Pique’s few red cards is further appreciated when we remember that Philip Lahm is the only defender in football history without a red card.

34 Major Trophies With Barcelona

Pique’s part of Barcelona’s most successful era.

Winning 34 major trophies with the club is a huge milestone for Gerrard Pique.

In fact, in the history of football, only Dani Alves has won more major trophies in top-flight football than Gerrard Pique.

Pique won the La Liga title the most (8).

Of course, we know players cannot win the Champions League every season. So a record of 3 Champions League trophies for Pique is a great achievement.

Final Thought

Gerrard Pique’s retirement came as a shock to many football we can hardly do anything to change the situation.

The best we can do is to appreciate the career of a man who gave his all to the Spanish national team Barca especially.

Watch how good Pique was.

As a reminder, here are the 4 major Gerard Pique Stats for Barcelona:

  • 615 Appearances For Barcelona
  • 53 Goals and 16 Assists for Barca
  • 4 Red cards In Barca’s Shirt and 5 in total
  • 4 Major Trophies With Barcelona

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