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Barcelona MSN Stats: The In-depth Review

For football newbies who do not know much about the Barcelona MSN, this article explains every single detail.

Even if you are aware of the Barcelona MSN, this piece would provide accurate data or stats that you probably never kept in mind.

Who Are MSN? or What Is Barcelona MSN?

MSN is an acronym that stands for Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. This attacking trio played together at Barcelona, between 2014 and 2017.

The MSN forged a formidable partnership during their time, scored a lot of goals, and helped Barcelona win trophies.

In this piece, we will consider the Messi, Neymar, and Suarez stats for Barcelona for each of the three seasons they spent together.

Thereafter, we’ll highlight MSN cumulative stats for all 3 seasons combined and trophies won.

MSN 2014/15 Season Stats For Barcelona

In the 2014/15 season, Messi, Neymar, and Suarez scored a combined 122 goals and provided 55 Assists in 151 appearances.

This typically means that MSN provided an average of 1.17 Goals or assists per game. That’s an incredible feat.

See below a breakdown of the MSN stats for Barcelona in the 2014/15 season.

La Liga983981
Champions League35827
Other Cup matches18814
All competitions15155122

Individual MSN Stats for 2014/15 Season

Away from the collective MSN stats. Now let’s focus on their individual stat in the same season.

In the 2014/15 season, Messi had the most goals plus assists (85) amongst the MSN. Neymar and Suarez had 46 apiece.

See a detailed breakdown of their individual performance.

Individual MSN Stats 2014/15 Season

MSN 2015/16 Stats For Barcelona

MSN proved to be better in the 2015/16 season than the previous season.

The 3 fearsome attacking trio scored a combined 131 goals and provided 65 assists for each other. That’s 9 more goals than the previous season and 10 more assists.

See the table below for details.

La Liga1024490
Champions League25817
Other Cup matches231324
All competition15565131

Individual MSN Stats for Barcelona in 2015/16 Season

In the 2015/16 season, Suarez probably had the best season of his career. He scored a whopping 59 goals and provided 22 assists.

Messi and Neymar, on the other hand, had 64 and 51 Goals plus Assists respectively in that season.

See below a detailed breakdown.

Individual MSN Stats for Barcelona 2015/16 Season

MSN 2016/17 Stats For Barcelona

In total, MSN scored 111 goals and provided a combined 51 assist in the 2015/17 season.

They managed to achieve this feat in just 148 appearances.

See details of their 2016/17 season below.

La Liga993279
Champions League271218
Other Cup matches22714
All competition14851111

Individual MSN Stats for Barcelona in 2016/17 Season

Individually, Messi, Neymar, and Suarez delivered yet again in their final season together.

Messi had a whopping 70 goals plus assists. Suarez had 53 while Neymar had 39.

See details below.

Individual MSN Stats for Barcelona 2016/17 Season

Cumulative (All Time) MSN Stats For Barcelona

Here, we take a look at the combined total of all MSN stats in all the 3 seasons they played together.

In total, MSN had 364 goals and 171 assists for Barcelona in all their 3 seasons combined.


In case you want to go in-depth with their individual performance in all 3 seasons combined, see the stats below.

Individual MSN Stats all season

From the above stats, you can tell that Messi had the best goal and assist contribution because he is simply a phenomenon. That is why most footballers see him as the GOAT.

Suarez had the next best goal plus assist contribution simply because he is a top class striker who operated from the center of attack.

Neymar, understandably, had the fewest numbers amongst the MSN.

He operated from the left side of the attack in the 4-3-3 formation. Still, Neymar’s numbers for Barcelona are a dream for any top class striker today.

MSN Trophies Won For Barcelona

MSN helped Barcelona not only to score goals. They helped Barca to win trophies during their time.

In total, MSN helped Barcelona to win a total of 7 trophies in their 3 seasons together.

See below a breakdown of the trophies they won.

SeasonTrophies Won
2014/15La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey
2015/16La Liga, Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup
2016/17Spanish Super Cup


Who or What is MSN in Football?

MSN is a short-form for Messi, Neymar and Suarez. These 3 fearsome attackers had combined devastatingly to terrorize defences, hence the trademark nickname. They are one of the best trio partnership in football.

When did the MSN era start at Barcelona?

The MSN era started in the 2014/15 season.

How long did MSN last?

MSN lasted 3 good seasons; from the 2014/15 season to the 2016/17 season.

How many goals did MSN score together?

MSN scored a total of 364 goals for Barcelona in 3 seasons.

How many goals plus assists did MSN have for Barcelona?

MSN had a total of 535 Goals plus assists for Barcelona in 3 seasons.goals

What did MSN accomplish?

In their 3 seasons together, MSN helped Barca to win 7 trophies, including the Champions League.

Also, they helped Barcelona to win La Liga in 2 out of 3 seasons at the expense of bitter rivals – Real Madrid.


The Messi, Neymar and Suarez partnership is one of the very best in football history.

While we get to see individual players shine for their respective clubs, it will be hard to see a partnership of 3 attacking players that will be more formidable than MSN.

To remind you, MSN scored a total of 364 goals for Barcelona in 3 seasons. That’s an average of 40.4 goals per season for each player – a dream for any modern-day striker.

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