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All time Merseyside Derby Stats: Summarized Data Analysis

The Merseyside derby is one of the most historical football matches in England. Here we’ll take a look at the most important Merseyside derby stats and facts in a summarized-straight-to-the-point manner.

Typically, the Merseyside derby is a football match between any 2 Football teams from Merseyside in England. The most notable football clubs in Merseyside are Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere. However, our main focus would be the Liverpool vs Everton stats.

Here is a summary of all key Merseyside Derby stats without boring you with needless data.

Summarized Merseyside Derby Stats

  • The first Merseyside Derby was played in the 1898/99 season.
  • Everton and Liverpool have met in a total of 246 Derbies (*as of April 25,2022) in all competitions. Liverpool have won 97, while Everton have won 67 and there has been 76 Draws.
  • Liverpool have 65 Titles or honors to their name while Everton have just 24.
  • Neville Southall, former Everton Goalkeeper, holds the record for most Merseyside derby appearances, with 41 across all competitions.

Merseyside Derby Goals Stats

  • Liverpool have scored 339 goals in the Merseyside Derby while Everton have scored 267.
  • Liverpool’s Ian Rush holds the record for the most derby goals with 25.
  • Divock Origi is the highest non-British goal scorer in the derby with 6 goals.
  • The highest-scoring Merseyside Derby match had 11 goals. Liverpool smashed Everton 7–4 at Anfield in the 1932–33 season.
  • This fixture has recorded 13 own goals10 own goals for Everton and just 3 for Liverpool.
  • Only 2 players have scored for both teams in a Merseyside derbyDavid Johnson (2) and Peter Beardsley (6).

Clean Sheet Record

  • Liverpool have kept 56 Clean sheets in the Merseyside derby while Everton have kept 48.
  • Ray Clemence (GK), holds Liverpool’s record for the highest Merseyside derby clean sheet (15) in 27 Appearances.
  • Everton’s Neville Southall (GK) has the highest derby clean sheet for for the club (15 too) in 41 Appearances.

Merseyside Transfer Stats – Everton to Liverpool

  • Only 21 players made a direct transfer from Everton to Liverpool in the history of both clubs.
  • 7 additional Everton players moved to another club before joining Liverpool.

Merseyside Transfer Stats – Liverpool to Everton

  • Only 10 players made a direct transfer from Liverpool to Everton.
  • 7 more Liverpool player went ahead to represent Everton but joined another before moving to Everton.
  • In summary, 45 players have represented both Everton and Liverpool.

Home and Away Win Stats

  • Everton have managed to beat Liverpool home and away in the same League season just 9 times. On the other hand, Liverpool have achieved the same feat 16 times.
  • The Merseyside derby record for home victory in a league match is 6–0 Liverpool victory against Everton at Anfield in the 1935–36 season.
  • The record away victory in a Merseyside Derby league match is Everton’s 5–0 victory at Anfield in the 1914–15 season. Liverpool won by the same margin at Goodison Park in the 1982–83 season.

Manager Win or Loss Stats

  • Everton’s William C. Cuff holds the record for the most wins as a manager in the Merseyside Derby, with 16 wins over Liverpool.
  • Liverpool’s Tom Watson holds the record for the most derby losses as a manager, with 21 defeats to Everton.

Merseyside Attendance Stats

  • Record Derby attendance is 78,599 at Goodison Park and this feat was achieved on 18 September 1948.
  • Lowest ever Merseyside Derby attendance is 18,000 at Anfield and this record was set on 19 January 1901. (Matches played behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 Pandemic are not applicable here.)

Merseyside Red Card Stats

The Merseyside derby has witnessed 25 Red cards in the history of the fixture in all competitions.


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