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20 Real Madrid Top Assists Of All Time [2023 List]

Real Madrid has many great goal-scorers in their history. However, little attention is given to Real Madrid top assists providers of all time and that is the essence of this post.

The Spanish capital Club is arguably the biggest football club in the world, with 35 La Liga titles and 13 Champions League triumphs in its illustrious trophy cabinet.

No other club is anywhere near to their rich history and every player dreams to feature for this Spanish giant once in his career. 

Some of the greats of the game have donned this white jersey and players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, and Alfredo Di Stéfano not only donned the jersey but left an impeccable impact on this game during their stint. 

Speaking of impact, then football is a game that is mainly headlined by goal scorers and the real architects of those goals are often sidelined.

In Real Madrid club history, we have seen some prolific goalscorers over the decades but some players have been doing their work without making noise.

In this article, we will try to find those hidden gems from Real Madrid’s history and tell you the top 20 Real Madrid top assists providers of all time.

1. Karim Benzema | 165 Assists

Karim Benzema’s emergence in Real Madrid’s history is one of the biggest fairytale stories of world football.

The French striker joined Los Blancos in 2009 from Lyon and formed a formidable partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo and played a silent hero till he left the Spanish capital in 2017.

Benzema took charge after 2017 and achieved some significant achievements, which helped Madrid in its resurgence.

He has 165 assists to his name till now and at the speed at which he is cruising, Benzema is likely to break many more records.

Real Madrid is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world and some of the biggest names in the game have represented this name in their rich history.

Goal-scoring always overshadows the creative work done by the architect of that goal and we have presented you with the list of these magicians.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo | 132 Assists

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest player of all time and one of the most important names in Real Madrid’s history.

The Portuguese joined Los Blancos in 2009 from Manchester United after dominating English football. He continued his metamorphic rise in football and reached even bigger heights with Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest goalscorer in Real Madrid’s history and Champions League.

Apart from his goal-scoring ability, he also helped other players to add goals to their tally. He was one key reason behind Karim Benzema’s and Bale’s rise at Real Madrid.

Cristiano left the Spanish capital in 2017 after the Champions League triumph and is the 2nd Real Madrid top assists providers of all time with 132 assists to his name.

It is important to mention that Ronaldo is one of the few footballers who have scored over 50 goals in international football.

3. Raúl | 116 Assists

Raúl is one of the most underrated players in Madrid’s history and a key reason behind their rich success in the 90s and 20s. He established himself as one of the biggest names in world football as lethal forwards during his time with Los Blancos. 

Raul was the Champions League’s highest goalscorer of all time before Cristiano Ronaldo broke his record.

Still, he is the 3rd Real Madrid top assists provider of all time with 116 assists from 741 appearances.

The Real Madrid legendary striker left Real Madrid in 2010 and hung up his boots in 2015.

We still associate him with Real Madrid as the manager of their youth team.

In addition, Raul is one of the very few players who never got a red card.

4. Marcelo | 103 Assists

Now we move from one Brazilian to another Brazilian left-back who registered some amazing feats in the Spanish city.

Marcelo took over the crown from Roberto Carlos and reached even bigger heights. He has spent more than 15 years at Real Madrid and has recently announced his departure at the end of the 2021-22 season.

Marcelo won 4 Champions League titles with Los Blancos and it was his partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo on the left flank, which was the main architect.

The Brazilian Left back has 103 assists to his name from 546 appearances and will go down as one of the most popular players in Madrid’s history.

It is important to note that Marcelo is the most decorated Real Madrid player in history.

5. Roberto Carlos | 99 Assists

Roberto Carlos is known as one greatest left-back of all time and it was his time at Real Madrid which helped him to reach greater heights.

The Brazilian legend represented Los Blancos from 1996 to 2007 and became a cult figure in Madrid because of his amazing feats. He was an integral member of Madrid’s Galactico and said goodbye to Madrid city in 2007.

Carlos ended his stint with 99 assists in more than 500 appearances.

Although he was more famous for his rocket shot power but also enjoyed brief success in providing assists to strikers.

One important thing to note about Roberto Carlos is that he is one of the highest goal-scoring defenders in football history.

6. Luis Figo | 93 Assists

Luis Figo is a Portuguese legend who used to play as Winger, but his controversial move from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid highlighted his career in 2000. His move is one of the most surprising transfers of all time.

Figo enjoyed more success at Real Madrid compared to FC Barcelona and registered 93 assists from 245 appearances.

The Portuguese career was many surrounded controversies.

Nonetheless, Figo was a big headache for opponents with the ball and dominated the game wherever he entered the football pitch.

7. Guti | 92 Assists

If we roll back the clock to the late 90s and 20s, one player who was the first name on the team sheet of Real Madrid was Guti.

The Spanish-born midfield maestro formed a formidable partnership with the likes of Beckham and Zidane during the 20s. He made over 542 appearances for Los Blancos in his 15-year-long association with them.

Guti was not an attacking or creative type of midfielder and used to play as a defensive midfielder, but made some crucial passes playing from the back. He registered 92 assists and will be remembered for his contribution.

8. Ángel Di María | 85 Assists

Ángel Di María is the 2nd Argentina-born player on this list and another player who was featured for Madrid during the 2010 phase.

He played 4 seasons in the Spanish capital, where he won a Champions League title under Carlo Ancelotti.

However, soon after the FIFA World Cup 2014, he moved to Manchester United in a high-profile move worth $75 million. He failed to shine at Manchester, but his impact at Madrid was marvelous.

Di Maria had 85 assists to his name in 190 appearances before saying goodbye in 2014.

9. Toni Kroos | 85 Assists

Toni Kroos is another name from the current Madrid roster and one of the most successful midfielders of the modern era.

The German Enigma joined Los Blancos from FC Bayern in 2014 with a big question over his ability to perform in the world’s toughest league. 

He not only succeeded in silencing critics but surpassed all expectations.

Kroos is not known for his goal-scoring abilities but dominated the game from the back end and played the second-fiddle role. He has 85 assists from over 340 appearances and his number is likely to go upwards.

10. Mesut Özil | 80 Assists

Mesut Özil is often regarded as a man with a magician instinct and his best days came during his time with Los Blancos.

Özil was an integral figure at Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013 and even Ronaldo hailed him as the main reason behind his dozens of goals.

The German Enigma had 80 assists to his name before saying goodbye to Madrid city and joining English heavyweights Arsenal in 2013 on deadline.

Özil only featured for 3 seasons at Madrid but left a symbolic impact on Madrid fans and will always be remembered for his extravagant tricks and turns.

11. Gareth Bale | 67 Assists

Gareth Bale has been a controversial figure in the Spanish capital in recent years, but when he was signed in 2013, he broke the internet with a mammoth €100 transfer fee tag.

The Welsh winger has been part of many historical nights with Real Madrid and will go down as one greatest in Real Madrid’s history.

Bale has scored 106 goals from 176 appearances despite being irregular in the last few years. He has made a big impact on the pitch with many spectacular performances.

Bale has 67 assists under his belt and comes 11th on the list of Real Madrid top assists of all time.

12. Zinedine Zidane | 67 Assists

Zinedine Zidane is one of the biggest names in Real Madrid history and one of the rare names who has tasted success both as a player and coach.

The French maniac represented the Madrid side from 2001 to 2006 and called his time in football at Real Madrid only. He was part of Real Madrid’s Galactico and played key role-playing as an attacking midfielder.

Zidane registered 67 assists from 227 appearances before calling time from football as a player in 2006.

However, he returned to the Spanish capital as manager for two stints. His most successful stint was during 2015-18 where he led them to 3 consecutive Champions League triumphs.

13. Luka Modrić | 73 Assists

Luka Modric is a Croatian midfield magician who was touted to be one of the worst signings in Madrid history but emerged as a world-beater. He is 36 years old but is dominating world football like a 26-year-old.

Luka joined the Spanish giants in 2012 from Spurs under big pressure and so far has won 4 Champions League titles with Los Blancos. He not only dominated world football with the club but also won some illustrious individual accolades as.

Modric was the Ballon D’or winner of 2018 and one who broke the dominance of Ronaldo and Messi at center stage. He has 66 assists to his name and is still going strong at the moment.

Watch some of Modric’s ridiculous magic.

14. Luis Molowny | 61 Assists

Luis Molowny is one of the greatest midfielders in Real Madrid’s history with 89 goals in just 172 appearances. He was one of the few Madrid legends who not only played for the club but also had the honor of managing as well.

Molowny had 4 stints with Real Madrid as manager and enjoyed great success in each only. He was a midfield engine for Los Blancos in the 50s and left a big impact with dozens of goals and assists.

Luis registered 61 assists for the Spanish capital and will always be remembered as one of the greatest of the game.

15. Isco | 56 Assists

Isco took the world by storm when he won the golden boy award with Málaga in 2012, which made him the hottest prospect in the world. He was eventually signed by Real Madrid and so far; he has won 4 Champions League titles with Los Blancos.

Isco is an attacking midfielder and was a key member of Zidane’s set-up from 2016 to 2018.

Also, he is the 15th Real Madrid top assists provider of all time and still has made a big impact at Real Madrid and has 56 assists from 346 appearances.

16. Gonzalo Higuaín | 56 Assists

Gonzalo Higuain is an Argentine striker who featured for Los Blancos from 2007 to 2013.

Higuain was key to Madrid’s attack during that phase despite having Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema in the ranks. He formed a formidable partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

The Argentine left with 107 goals to his name but surprisingly, his second-fiddle role to Ronaldo is something, which no one often talks about.

Despite being a poacher striker, he had 56 assists under his belt playing for Real Madrid.

17. Lucas Vázquez | 55 Assists

Lucas Vazquez is another member of Zidane’s brigade, which ruled the world.

Although he was not a regular member of the playing eleven under Zidane his impact on the game was immense wherever the team called him.

Lucas’s versatility is his biggest strength and despite being a right-winger naturally, his transition into right-back was unbelievable.

Vazquez has 54 assists to his name in 260 appearances.

18. Dani Carvajal | 52 Assists

Dani Carvajal is a very well-known name to every Madrid fan around the world, as he was one of the biggest reasons behind Madrid’s hat-trick of Champions League from 2016 to 2018.

The Spanish right-back is the academy product of Real Madrid only but was sold to Bayer Leverkusen in 2012 after failing to make a mark in the first team. 

Madrid did smart business with his departure, as they included a buy-back clause in his contract and, after one season only, bought him back from Germany.

Dani formed an impeccable full-back partnership with Marcelo which will go down as one of the world’s best. He is still at Los Blancos but has been very injury-prone for the last few years.

Carvajal has 52 assists under his name and is likely to add way more in the coming years.

19. David Beckham | 51 Assists

At 19 is another midfield maestro who joined Los Blancos with big hype and expectations.

David Beckham shocked the world when he left his boyhood club Manchester United and joined Spanish giants, Real Madrid, in 2003 after a controversial outburst with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Englishman was a cult figure of Madrid’s Galactico and spent 4 years in the Spanish capital where he enjoyed great success with the team, including a UEFA Champions League triumph.

David left Madrid in 2007 for LA Galaxy and ended his chapter with 51 assists from 310 appearances, which puts him as the 19th Real Madrid top assists provider of all time.

20. James Rodríguez | 42 Assists

James Rodriguez is a Columbian midfield maestro who joined Real Madrid in 2014 with a record transfer fee of £63 million post his successful 2014 World Cup campaign where he ended as the top scorer.

Madrid drafted the Columbian star into their side with a big baggage of expectations and had a good start to his Madrid career as well, under Carlo Ancelotti.

Rodriguez’s best performance came in the first season only when he smashed 13 goals from 29 La Liga appearances, but soon after Ancelotti’s departure, he failed to adapt to Zidane’s system.

He ended his Madrid career with 42 Assists, which is a low number considering his potential.

James could’ve been a big thing in Madrid history, but things didn’t work out for him, and was eventually sold to Everton in 2020 after one loan spell with FC Bayern also from 2017 to 2019.

Final Thought

After all is said and done, the summary of the entire article is that Karim Benzema has the most assists in Real Madrid history, with 165 assists to his name.

Although Benzema is a natural Striker, it is indeed fascinating that he also selflessly provides goals for his teammates.

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