Best Premier League Stadium experience

The Best Premier League Stadium Experience & More

In this article, you’ll find out my best Premier League stadium experience. Also, I’d share my stadium experience in Championship League 1, 2, and National League.

It’s a lot of people’s dream to go to a football match and experience the feeling it brings on a match day.  

I have been fortunate enough to visit 39 football stadiums so far around the country with each one having a different atmosphere and experience.

All football matches you go to, for each one the ambiance is such a great thing to be part of, the enjoyment it brings is just so thrilling.

Now, see below my best premier league stadium experience after which I’ll share my experience in the Championship, League, 1 & 2, and National League.


Anfield stands out the most.  The first time I went there with my Uncle and we stood in the Kop End, the atmosphere was electric.

The first time you hear the whole stadium singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  I’ve been to a few since. 

 It is so historic, so unique, you will never experience that anywhere else.

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West Ham

The Boleyn Ground or Upton Park as it was known, again such a fantastic ground.  The thousands of fans were just so thrilling to be around, home and away fans. 

When you hear the crowd singing ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’ it sends shivers down your back, such an iconic song. 

However, their new stadium ‘London Stadium’ has an amazing atmosphere but fans are too far from the pitch. The higher up you go, it’s like watching the game from a block of flats!

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Goodison Park is another historical stadium, the experience was second to none.  The quality of the ground has a character which you don’t see nowadays with the new grounds. The personality is sucked away which is a shame to see.  

The atmosphere of a game though is amazing, everyone is so friendly and helpful even the food outside the stadium in a park-type area is great and reasonably priced!

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Manchester City

The Etihad Stadium of Manchester City which when I went was called the City of Manchester Stadium, (it had many different names) is such a spectacle. 

Its fan base is so colossal it is extraordinary, you feel welcomed as everyone is so friendly.  Even the pie and chips leave your mouth watering for more.

Maine Road, their former home was just as good if not better.

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Manchester United

Manchester United’s ground at Old Trafford is just amazing, it’s such an iconic ground, ‘the theatre of dreams’ as it is known to many. 

The seating was really good which you expect in such a stadium with that stature, even the stewards are really friendly and help whoever you are. 

The support from not just the home fans is just mesmerizing.

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Best Championship Stadium Experience

Here, I’d share my personal experience in Championship stadiums.

Before going further, I recommend that you understand why I believe the Championship and below is better than the Premier League. Also, find out how the Championship playoffs work, and how many matches are played in the entirety of the league per season.

Swansea City

The Liberty Stadium is by far the best ground I’ve been to in the championship, with its prime location it’s very ideal to get to. 

The cracking atmosphere is just the same as any top match and the help within the stadium from the stewards is just so warm and friendly. 

A lot of friendly banter wherever you go, they do make you feel very welcome.

Stoke City

The Bet365 stadium or the Britannia Stadium has that homely feel to the ground, a little bit from the train station, but still fairly easy to get to.  Such an exemplary ground with all its characteristics. 

Again I found people so friendly and helpful.

Hull City

KCOM stadium of Hull City was an eventful experience, it looks very impressive as do all football stadiums. The exterior was very picturesque from where it is situated which was very pleasant.  

I find with the further north you go, people not just within the ground but all around are very helpful and informative. The game itself was great and that away win, made it a worthwhile journey.

Norwich City

Carrow Road is a proper ground, very compact, it’s like you are actually on the pitch, such a great atmosphere, a family vibe with such a great fan base. I’ve been there a few times and enjoyed every minute of it.

Fans are so friendly and the train station is only five minutes away, so it’s easy to make a day of it, it’s perfect.

Preston North End

Deepdale Stadium was a great experience and a great day despite the result.  Again such a friendly place and people. 

Even the seating was comfortable. The likes of Bill Shankly and a statue of the great Tom Finney featured outside the ground are worth a picture or two.

People are so helpful, even the taxi driver gave us a brief history of Preston itself on the way to the ground!

Best Stadium Experience In The League 1 & 2 and National League

I’ve only been to fourteen of these so far and I’m sure many more are to come.  

But this is where the football itself is just as good as any league game you see in the top divisions. The atmosphere is just as good and ok the standard might be a less great and slower pace, but it’s still top-notch stuff.

Burton Albion I found the most inspiring. Not just the club which felt so welcoming, but the people all around the stadium were very considerate and would enjoy a bit of humor with you.

That’s what is missing these days, everyone’s just so focused on the team getting the right result, the right performance from certain individuals. Just enjoy the day, and don’t spoil it for others.


Overall, I think my experience in Anfield is the best Premier League stadium experience I had.

Swansea’s Liberty stadium is the best I’ve experienced in the Championship.

And finally, Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium is the best I’ve experienced in the lower division.

What about you? Which stadium do you love to see most in England or from the TV screen?

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