Why The championship and below is better

Why The Championship And Below is better | Jason Collins’ Opinion

We all know that the Premier League is the best football league in the world. Everyone wants to play there. It’s the pinnacle of the game. Ever since its introduction in 1992, it’s gone from strength to strength. But in my personal opinion, I believe the Championship and below is better and I’d explain why.

But it’s not just the Premier League that produces great football.

The level of football played in the Championship, League 1 and 2 makes the presence of the Premier League great. 

We all know that it’s extremely hard to stay in the premier league. But to get into that league is even harder, as well as progressing from your respective leagues.  

So that’s why “so to speak” I think The Championship, League 1, League 2, and even below is better than the Premier League. 

It’s more of a challenge and more exciting and the players get stuck in it. That’s how it should be!

None of this rolling around clutching your ankle when you’ve been tackled by the slightest of touches. It’s just madness!

The premier league is a pantomime of 20 teams!

You don’t need to go and watch your local panto, just watch the Premier League!

The Championship

First of all, it is very rare that you get a team that will run away with the league title. Very rarely, a team will get cut adrift from everyone else at the bottom of the table.

Bottom line is that the Championship is largely unpredictable.

Each week teams are taking points off each other. Anyone can beat anyone. It’s so competitive. And there is always something to play for. 

Moreover, you play at a sensible time of 3 pm on a Saturday!

You’re not having to set off for a 5.30 pm kick-off when you should be thinking of winding down for the day especially at the weekends when you’ve had a busy week at work or with the kids and family. 

People at the top don’t think of that, especially on TV. All they care about is money in their back pockets to profit from their football clubs or respective television companies.

Mind you, a 12.30 pm kick-off is mildly sensible because you can have the rest of the day to relax. Or even go to the pub to watch all the day’s football scores. 

Isn’t it better to watch a homegrown player from your club who has come through the ranks and is playing to the best of their ability? 

Just look at the likes of Ryan Giggs of Manchester United, Francesco Totti of Roma, Paolo Maldini of AC Milan, Tony Adams of Arsenal, and the late Jack Charlton of Leeds.

They were the players of homegrown players coming up the grades to excite the fans each week. 

That’s what you want at the Championship level and below. A steady player who you can rely on every time you play each week.

By the way, you may need to check out the detailed breakdown of how many matches are played in the Championship. Also, learn how the Championship playoff works.

LEAGUE 1 & 2

In my opinion, this is where it all counts. Football is football. You meet the proper fans and you can get a pie and chips for a reasonable price. 

Not the extortionate prices you get at the top end of the market for a ticket, a program, or even a pint!

You want to feel a community spirit wherever you go. Also, you want to feel welcomed into the football ground and have a bit of banter with the locals. 

It’s something more common with lower clubs. They welcome you into their arms.

Yes, you want your team to win, to progress up the league but at the same time you want to enjoy the day.  

In League One and League Two, you can get that. Anyone can beat anyone, and you don’t know who is going to win because it’s so even between the teams. 

Every match matters to whoever you support. You have a chance of winning, and the drama unfolds. 

It’s all about the first kick of the ball to the final whistle, but it’s like that for every team, not just English football, but all around the world. 

The pace might be slower but you WILL get much more enjoyment out of the game.

You hardly find a boring moment even during the closing minutes of a game.

Players in League One and League Two and even below in the Conference really do care, something that seems to be disappearing in the higher leagues. 

They want to play football and make a name for themselves. 

You have to start from the bottom if you want to make it to the top and you get that with lower-league football.

Everything is more affordable as well from ticket prices down to the program. 

You can always find a seat and stand if your football ground has terraces and the atmosphere is just as good as any other game.  

My Experience

So far I’ve been to 27 games outside the Premier League and have thoroughly enjoyed each one more than the top league.

In my experience, the fans are more upbeat about their teams playing.  

They play on real pitches with character, not these carpets you get in the Premier League!

They don’t go down after a tackle rolling around like they’ve been shot with a paintball gun or they go down theatrically from a tackle from the invisible man.

This season I went to Exeter City vs Burton Albion which the away side won 2-0, the home side’s center forward went running into the goal area with the ball and got tackled fairly as a result of him going to the ground.

He didn’t start rolling around or feigning an injury. He just got up and got on with it. 

There’s no need to make a big deal of it in front of the crowd or even for the cameras.

Also, I went to see Cambridge United vs Crawley Town last season. Crunching tackles left, right, and center but fair. Now that’s football. 

Real men playing football because that’s what they want to give to the fans who have paid their hard-earned cash to go watch them week in, week out.

Premier League players, they’re overpaid, they’re overprotected, and it’s generally over the top. 

If there is one thing that can turn you off football, it is a club buying a player for £100,000,000 paying them £100,000 a week! No one’s worth that!

Especially if they aren’t performing! Bottling out of a wall or something of a free kick!

They Want The Highlight

This is the problem these days – every player including the Premier League, League One/Two, La Liga, and Serie A all over the world wants the highlight.

That’s just part of the game, which is fair enough if you think you have got it.

Just look at Cristiano Ronaldo, what a player he’s been for certain club teams across Europe and even for his country. 

But a bit of a spoilt child at times, throwing his toys out of the pram but everyone does that though if it doesn’t go their way.

Lower league football is where it’s all at. That’s why we love lower-league football, you get surprise champions, promotions, and unexpected relegations.

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