Guardiola vs Arsenal head to head stats

Guardiola vs Arsenal: The Head To Head Stats Unveiled

Certain rivalries have transcended time and become legendary in the ever-evolving football world. One such captivating battle occurs whenever Pep Guardiola’s teams lock horns with Arsenal. Guardiola, a master tactician and one of the most successful managers in modern football, has consistently displayed his dominance over the Gunners throughout his career. As we delve into the intriguing clash between Guardiola and Arsenal, we uncover a fascinating tale of tactical brilliance, psychological edges, and a stark disparity in performance. With remarkable statistics and captivating encounters, the Guardiola vs Arsenal saga offers an enthralling narrative that encapsulates the essence of football rivalries.

It is important to note that the statistics in this article comprise Guardiola’s Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man City teams and their encounter with Arsenal.

Guardiola vs Arsenal Head To Head Stats

The table below provides a concise overview of the encounters between Guardiola’s team vs Arsenal. This includes the number of matches played, wins, draws, losses, goals scored, average goals per match, and average points per match for each team.

StatGuardiola TeamArsenal FC
Goals Scored6525
Avg. Goals Per Match2.370.85
Avg. Points Per Match2.330.55

Again, the stats above comprise Guardiola’s Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man City teams and their encounter with Arsenal.

Arsenal’s most recent win against Guardiola’s Man City was the Premier League match played on the 8th of October 2023, where the Gunnars won via Gabriel Martineli’s solitary goal in the 84th minute.

Analysis of Guardiola vs Arsenal Head to Head Stats

Analyzing the provided statistics, we can gain further insights into Guardiola‘s encounters with Arsenal and their overall performance:

  1. Win Percentage: Guardiola’s team, across various clubs, has an impressive win percentage of approximately 68.97% (20 wins out of 29 matches) against Arsenal. This showcases his dominance over the Gunners and highlights his ability to secure positive results against them consistently.
  2. Arsenal’s Struggles: Arsenal’s win percentage against Guardiola’s teams stands at approximately 20.69% (6 wins out of 29 matches). These figures underline the difficulties Arsenal has faced against Guardiola’s tactical prowess and well-structured teams.
  3. Goal Difference: The goal difference between Guardiola’s team and Arsenal is striking. Guardiola’s teams scored 64 in their 29 matches, averaging approximately 2.37 goals per match. In contrast, Arsenal has scored only 24 goals, averaging approximately 0.85 goals per match. This significant difference in goal output indicates Guardiola’s team’s attacking superiority over Arsenal.
  4. Average Points per Match: Guardiola’s teams have earned an average of 2.33 points per match against Arsenal, highlighting their consistent ability to secure positive results. On the other hand, Arsenal has averaged only 0.55 points per match, reflecting their struggle to compete and accumulate points against Guardiola’s sides.
  5. Defensive Resilience: The statistics also demonstrate Guardiola’s team’s defensive strength against Arsenal. In 29 matches, they have conceded only 23 goals, equating to an average of approximately 0.85 per match. This showcases Guardiola’s ability to organize his teams effectively and limit Arsenal’s attacking threat.
  6. Tactical Adaptability: Guardiola’s success against Arsenal is not limited to a specific club but rather spans his managerial career across different teams. This suggests his tactical adaptability and the effectiveness of his methods against the Gunners, regardless of the specific squad he has at his disposal.


The clash between Pep Guardiola and Arsenal has evolved into an intriguing saga of dominance and disparity in the tumultuous world of football rivalries. From the statistical analysis, it becomes evident that the term “rivalry” might not aptly describe the encounters between Guardiola and Arsenal. It is, in fact, Guardiola’s systematic and relentless bullying of the Gunners that emerges as the defining narrative.

The numbers speak volumes. Guardiola’s win percentage of approximately 68.9% against Arsenal is staggering, leaving the Gunners languishing with a meagre win percentage of around 20.69% in response. The margin is a gap and a chasm showcasing Guardiola’s unwavering superiority over Arsenal.

Furthermore, the goal difference between the two sides highlights Guardiola’s teams’ relentless attacking prowess, outscoring Arsenal by a substantial 41-goal margin over their encounters. It is an undeniable reflection of the gulf in quality and effectiveness exhibited by Guardiola’s squads.

While rivalries are typically characterized by a back-and-forth battle (for example, Guardiola vs Mourinho or with Sir Alex), the Guardiola vs Arsenal saga seems to be one-sided, with Guardiola consistently outclassing and outmanoeuvring his counterparts. The term “rivalry” seems inadequate to describe the unbalanced nature of their encounters.

Ultimately, Guardiola’s bullying of Arsenal is a testament to his tactical brilliance, strategic mastery, and the stark disparity in performance between the two sides. It underscores the immense challenges Arsenal faces when confronted with Guardiola’s managerial genius. Hence, leaving them searching for answers and struggling to compete on an equal footing.

The Guardiola vs Arsenal narrative is a stark reminder of the dominance one individual can exert over a club, making it clear that this is not just a rivalry but a lopsided affair where Guardiola’s mastery prevails.

As the two entities continue to clash on the field, it remains to be seen if Arsenal can rise from the shadows and transform this one-sided encounter into a true rivalry that challenges Guardiola’s reign and redefines the narrative in the football world.

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