Phil Jones Man Utd Stats

Phil Jones Man Utd Stats: Career Review In Numbers

Phil Jones, the Homegrown English defender, has announced his departure from Manchester United after a remarkable 12-year stint with the club. As we bid farewell to this dedicated player, it is crucial to delve into the statistical journey of Phil Jones at Manchester United. In this article, we will analyze his key numbers, performance metrics, and accomplishments, shedding light on his impact during his time with the club. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Phil Jones Man Utd stats, celebrating his contributions to one of the world’s most illustrious football institutions.

Phil Jones Stats For Man Utd in Summary

Here’s a table summarizing Phil Jones’ stats during his time at Manchester United:

CompetitionAppearancesGoalsAssistsYellow CardsRed CardsMinutes Played
Premier League1692923013,013
UEFA Champions League22211,572
Europa League900678
FA Cup1510201,086
League Cup121030901
Community Shield20000134

Analysis of Phil Jones’ Manchester United Career

Phil Jones’ 12-year tenure at Manchester United was marked by a combination of promise, setbacks, and enduring loyalty to the club. Let’s delve into his career statistics, and highlight key moments, standout performances, and lows to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Cumulative Stats

  • Appearances: Jones made a total of 229 appearances for Manchester United, showcasing his longevity at the club.
  • Goals and Assists: He scored six goals and provided ten assists, highlighting his ability to contribute offensively from a defensive position.
  • Yellow and Red Cards: Jones accumulated 29 yellow cards throughout his career, indicating his combative style of play.

Champions League Stats

  • In the UEFA Champions League, Jones made 22 appearances, scoring two goals and providing one assist. His contributions in Europe’s elite competition showcased his ability to rise to the occasion.

Europa League stats

  • Jones featured in nine Europa League matches for Manchester United, indicating his involvement in continental competitions. Although he didn’t register any goals or assists, his defensive presence was valuable in the team’s pursuit of success.

Premier League Stats

  • The Premier League was the stage where Jones made the most significant impact. With 169 appearances, he showcased his commitment and loyalty to the club’s domestic endeavours.
  • Jones scored two goals and provided nine assists in the league, underscoring his offensive contributions from a defensive position.
  • Phil Jones’s 23 yellow cards in the Premier League reflected his aggressive and physical style of play, with a willingness to go into challenges.

Domestic Cups Stats

  • In the FA Cup, Jones featured in 15 matches, scoring one goal, providing two assists, and accumulating two yellow cards. His performances in cup competitions showcased his versatility and ability to contribute in high-stakes encounters.
  • Jones made 12 appearances in the EFL Cup, scoring one goal, providing three assists, and accumulating three yellow cards. His involvement in cup competitions demonstrated his value as a reliable squad player.

Additional Stats

  • Minutes Played: Jones accumulated a total of 17,384 minutes on the field for Manchester United, highlighting his presence and dedication over the years.
  • Minutes per Appearance: By dividing his total minutes played by his appearances (17,384 / 229), we find that Jones averaged approximately 76 minutes per appearance.

Standout Performances

  • While statistical analysis provides valuable insights, it is essential to recognize Jones’ impact beyond the numbers. His versatility in defence, leadership qualities, and resilience in the face of injury setbacks made him a valuable asset to the club and garnered respect from teammates and managers alike.

Phil Jones Trophies Stats With Man Utd

Here’s a table summarizing Phil Jones’ trophies stats during his time at Manchester United:

English Premier League2013
UEFA Europa League2017
English FA Cup2016
English League Cup2017
English Community Shield2012 & 2014

Phil Jones Manchester United Trophies Analysis

Analyzing Phil Jones’ trophy stats with Manchester United provides insights into his contributions to the club’s success in major competitions. Let’s delve into his trophy achievements and their significance:

English Champion (2013)

  • Winning the English Premier League title in the 2012-2013 season was a significant achievement for Jones and Manchester United. It showcased their dominance in English football and highlighted Jones’ role in a successful campaign.

Europa League Winner (2016/17)

  • The Europa League triumph in the 2016-2017 season was a memorable moment for Manchester United, as they secured the trophy under the management of José Mourinho. Jones’ contribution to the team’s success in the competition demonstrated his ability to perform on the continental stage.

FA Cup Winner (2016)

  • The English FA Cup is one of football’s oldest and most prestigious domestic cup competitions. Jones played a part in Manchester United’s victory in the 2015-2016 season, adding another coveted trophy to his collection.

English League Cup Winner (2017):

  • The English League Cup, or the Carabao Cup, allows teams to claim silverware in a knockout format. Jones’ involvement in Manchester United’s triumph in the 2016-2017 season showcased his ability to perform under pressure in cup competitions.

Community Shield Winner (2014, 2012)

  • The English Community Shield is contested between the previous season’s Premier League champions and the winners of the FA Cup. Jones tasted success in this curtain-raiser event on two occasions, in 2014 and 2012, signifying Manchester United’s domestic supremacy.

The Dark Side of Phil Jones’ Manchester United Career

Phil Jones’ departure from Manchester United after 12 years highlights the less illustrious aspects of his time at the club. Despite his longevity, it is undeniable that a lack of consistent appearances and significant contributions marred Jones’ last few years.

In fact, it is a miracle that he has been at the club for this long. The Englishman has hardly featured for the Club in the last five years. In fact, Phil Jones’s last appearance for the club was on the 3rd of May, 2022 – almost a year ago.

Phil Jones’ 12-year reign at Manchester United, though – could it be a case of loyalty or love for the paycheck?

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