Roma vs Sevilla Head To Head Stats & Analysis

Roma vs Sevilla Head To Head Stats & Analysis

In the grand tapestry of European football, certain clashes transcend the ordinary, capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. One such epic encounter awaits as AS Roma vs Sevilla FC lock horns in a historic showdown – the Europa League final.

The stage is set for an electrifying clash between two footballing powerhouses, as Roma, under the guidance of the legendary Jose Mourinho, go head-to-head against José Luis Mendilibar’s Sevilla.

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, the world awaits the outcome of this monumental clash, where legacies will be forged, dreams realized, and European glory claimed. Get ready to witness the intensity, drama, and footballing brilliance as Roma and Sevilla etch their names in the annals of footballing history.

Roma vs Sevilla Head To Head Stats

TotalSevilla (W)AS Roma (W)Draw
Total Matches4211
Total score1587NA

See below for a further breakdown of the 4 matches between Roma vs Sevilla.

Club Friendly2021/07/31AS Roma0 – 0D
UEFA Europa League2020/08/06Sevilla2 – 0W – Sevilla
Club Friendly2017/08/10Sevilla2 – 1W – Sevilla
Club Friendly2015/08/14AS Roma6 – 4W – Roma

Key Stats or Highlights of Roma vs Sevilla Head to Head

  • Sevilla has won two matches out of the four previous meetings, while AS Roma has emerged victorious in one.
  • One match between the two teams ended in a draw.
  • Sevilla has scored a total of 8 goals in these encounters, while AS Roma has scored 7 goals.
  • Sevilla has a win percentage of 50% in their head-to-head matches against AS Roma, whereas AS Roma has a win percentage of 25%.
  • The goal margin for Sevilla in these meetings is +1 (8 goals scored and 7 goals conceded), while AS Roma has a goal margin of -1 (7 goals scored and 8 goals conceded).
  • The matches include both friendlies and competitive fixtures.
  • In terms of competitive matches, Sevilla has won one match in the UEFA Europa League, while AS Roma is yet to secure a victory in such encounters.
  • AS Roma’s sole victory came in a friendly match against Sevilla, where they won 6-4 in a high-scoring affair.
  • The head-to-head stats indicate that Sevilla has been more successful overall in terms of wins and goal margin.

These numbers highlight the dominance of Sevilla in their head-to-head encounters with AS Roma, showcasing their superior win percentage and goal margin.

However, it is essential to note that the outcome of previous meetings does not necessarily determine the result of future matches.

AS Roma will undoubtedly be eager to overturn their past records and claim victory in the upcoming Europa League final.

Comparison Analysis: AS Roma vs Sevilla – Europa League 2022/23 Season

Matches Played77
Goals Scored2013
Goals Conceded107
Avg. Goals per Match1.431.63
Possession (%)48.15%48.75%
Passing Accuracy (%)79.93%79.5%
Balls Recovered575320
Avg. Balls Recovered per Match41.0840
Clean Sheets63
Avg. Clean Sheets per Match0.430.38
Avg. Saves per Match2.363.38
Yellow Cards3225
Avg. Yellow Cards per Match2.293.13
Red Cards11
Avg. Red Cards per Match0.080.13

The table above summarises the comparison analysis between AS Roma and Sevilla in the Europa League 2022/23 season. It highlights various statistics such as matches played, wins, draws, losses, goals scored and conceded, possession percentages, passing accuracy, balls recovered, clean sheets, saves, and disciplinary records for both teams.

These statistics provide insights into their performance and will help assess their strengths and weaknesses going into the final.

See below a breakdown or analysis of Roma vs Sevilla adapted from the table above.


  • AS Roma has been a potent attacking force, scoring 20 goals in the competition at an average of 1.43 goals per match. This highlights their ability to find the back of the net consistently.
  • On the other hand, Sevilla has netted 13 goals, averaging 1.63 goals per match. Their attacking prowess has also been notable, albeit slightly lower than Roma’s average.


  • Defensively, AS Roma has conceded 10 goals, maintaining an average of 0.72 goals per match, this showcases their solid defensive organization and ability to limit their opponents’ scoring opportunities.
  • With seven goals, Sevilla conceded at an average of 0.88 per match and demonstrated defensive stability throughout the tournament.

Possession and Passing Accuracy

  • Both teams have showcased a similar possession percentage, with AS Roma averaging 48.15% possession, while Sevilla slightly edges them with 48.75%. This suggests a balanced midfield battle in the final.
  • In terms of passing accuracy, Sevilla holds a slightly higher percentage at 79.93%, compared to AS Roma’s 79.5%. Both teams prioritize accurate passing to maintain control and build their attacks.

Other Factors

  • AS Roma has excelled in ball recovery, tallying 575 recoveries at an average of 41.08 per match. This indicates their determination and ability to win back possession.
  • Sevilla has recorded 320 ball recoveries, averaging 40 per match, showcasing their competitiveness in this aspect as well.
  • AS Roma has kept six clean sheets, averaging 0.43 per match, highlighting their ability to effectively shut down opponents’ attacks.
  • Sevilla has also displayed defensive resilience with three clean sheets at an average of 0.38 per match.
  • In terms of discipline, both teams have accumulated yellow cards, with Roma receiving 32 yellow cards (2.29 per match) and Sevilla earning 25 yellow cards (3.13 per match). Each team also received one red card throughout the competition.

Historical Context:

  • While Sevilla boasts an impressive track record in the Europa League, having won the tournament a remarkable six times, AS Roma has yet to lift the trophy. However, it is worth mentioning that Roma secured the Europa Conference League title in the previous season (2021/22), indicating their potential for success in European competitions.
  • Jose Mourinho has a 100% record in European competition finals, winning all 5 finals. Similarly, Sevilla have a 100% record in European competition finals, winning all 6 finals they’ve contested in. One of these records must be broken after the 2023 Europa League final.


Analyzing the previous head-to-head and statistics from the Europa League 2022/23 season, both AS Roma and Sevilla have shown remarkable performances en route to the final.

Roma’s attack has been slightly more prolific overall, while both teams have displayed solid defensive performances and similar possession statistics.

The final promises to be a thrilling encounter, with Sevilla’s rich Europa League history pitted against Roma’s desire to claim their first title.

With the teams closely matched in several key areas, it will likely be a closely contested battle where tactical decisions, individual brilliance, and mental fortitude will play crucial roles in determining the ultimate victor.

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