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The 25 Tallest Soccer Players of All Time! [2023 Rating]

When it comes to the world of soccer, talent and skill know no bounds. However, there is something undeniably captivating about the presence of tall soccer players on the field. Towering over their opponents, these athletes possess a unique advantage that can greatly influence the dynamics of a game. In this blog post, we embark on a fascinating journey to unveil the 25 Tallest Soccer Players of All Time.

From defenders to forwards and goalkeepers, we’ll explore the remarkable stories and achievements of these giants of the sport. Join us as we discover the impact their height has had on the beautiful game.

Criteria for Selection

To compile our list of the 25 Tallest Soccer Players of All Time, we have employed a rigorous set of criteria. It is essential to ensure accuracy and reliability in identifying these towering athletes. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria used:

A. Identification of the Tallest Soccer Players

We have extensively researched official height records, reputable sources, and reliable documentation to identify the players who truly stand out in terms of their height. This includes referencing verified information from official team websites, reputable sports databases, and authoritative publications.

B. Official Height Records and Verified Sources

Our focus is on players whose heights have been officially documented and acknowledged. We give significant weight to verified sources such as official team records, national football associations, and credible sports media outlets. These sources provide the most reliable information regarding players’ heights.

C. Accounting for Potential Variations

We acknowledge that height measurements can vary due to several factors, including age, posture, and inconsistencies in reporting. To mitigate these variations, we have taken an approach that considers the players’ recorded heights during their prime playing years. We understand that height measurements may change over time, but we prioritize using the most accurate and consistent data available.

List of 25 Tallest Soccer Players Of All Time

SNPlayer NameHeight (meters)NationalityPosition
1Simon Bloch Jorgensen2.11 (6’11”)DenmarkGoalkeeper
2Kristof Van Hout2.10 (6’10.5″)BelgiumGoalkeeper
3Paul Millar2.08 (6’10”)ScotlandForward
4Tomas Holy2.06 (6’9″)Czech RepublicGoalkeeper
5Vanja Ivesa2.06 (6’9″)CroatiaGoalkeeper
6Tormod Kjellsen2.06 (6’9″)NorwayGoalkeeper
7Daniel Muller2.05 (6’9″)GermanyGoalkeeper
8Tonny Brogaard2.05 (6’9″)DenmarkGoalkeeper
9Tor Hogne Aaroy2.04 (6’8.5″)NorwayForward
10Jason Mooney2.04 (6’8.5″)Norther IrelandGoalkeeper
11Kjell Petter Opheim2.03 (6’8″)NorwayGoalkeeper
12Lacina Traore2.03 (6’8″)Ivory CoastForward
13Costel Pantilimon2.03 (6’8″)RomaniaGoalkeeper
14Even Iversen2.03 (6’8″)NorwayDefender
15Nikola Zigic2.03 (6’8″)SerbiaForward
16Yang Changpeng2.03 (6’8.5″)ChinaForward
17Jan Koller2.02 ( 6’7″)Czech RepublicForward
18Peter Crouch2.01 (6’7″)EnglandForward
19Fraser Forster2.01 (6’7″)EnglandGoalkeeper
20Dan Burn2.01 (6’7″)EnglandDefender
21Thibaut Courtois2.00 (6’56”)BelgiumGoalkeeper
22Per Nilsson1.98 (6’6″)SwedenDefender
23Pantelis Kafes1.98 (6’6″)GreeceMidfielder
24Nikolaos Giannakopoulos1.98 (6’6″)GreeceMidfielder
25Edwin van der Sar1.98 (6’6″)NetherlandsGoalkeeper

Some Key Stats of The Tallest Soccer Players

From the table above, see below some key stats about the 25 tallest Soccer players.

  1. Nationality Distribution
    • Norway has the highest representation with 4 players (16%).
    • Denmark, Serbia, and England each have 3 players (12%).
    • Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, China, Romania, Scotland, and Sweden each have 1 player (4%).
  2. Position Distribution
    • Goalkeeper is the most common position, with 13 players (52%) filling this role.
    • Forward and Defender positions are equally represented, with 5 players (20%) each.
    • Midfielder has the lowest representation, with only 2 players (8%).
  3. Nationality and Position Combination
    • Norway has the highest number of goalkeepers (4 out of 13).
    • England has the highest number of defenders (3 out of 5).
    • Serbia has the highest number of forwards (3 out of 5).
    • Greece has 2 midfielders, while the remaining positions have players from various nationalities.

Honourable Mentions of Tall Soccer Players

Nikola Vujadinovic

Montenegrin defender Nikola Vujadinovic, standing at 6’6″ (1.98 meters), is recognized for his commanding presence in the backline. His height and physical attributes made him a formidable force in aerial duels and set-piece situations. Vujadinovic had stints with clubs such as Red Star Belgrade and Standard Liege.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Although not making the top 25 tallest soccer players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserves an honourable mention. Standing at 6’5″ (1.95 meters), the Swedish forward is renowned for his incredible athleticism, skills, and goal-scoring ability. He has enjoyed a highly successful career playing for top clubs such as Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United.

Despite his illustrious career, Zlatan never won the Champions League.

Peter Schmeichel

Another notable mention is Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Danish goalkeeper who stood at 6’4″ (1.93 meters). He is widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Schmeichel played a crucial role in Manchester United‘s success during the 1990s, winning numerous trophies, including the UEFA Champions League.

Final Thought

To reiterate, Danish Goalkeeper, Simon Bloch Jorgensen is the tallest Soccer player ever, standing at 2.11 meters (6’11”).

However, the tallest ever outfield player is the former Scottish striker – Paul Millar, who stands at 2.08 meters (6’10”).

Finally, it is noteworthy that 13 Goalkeepers (52%) are featured in the list of 25 tallest Soccer players. This means height is a foremost concern for Goalkeepers in the sport.

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