Who is the best concacaf midfielder?

Who Is The Best Midfielder In CONCACAF?

Of course, there are many good midfielders in the world of football. But who is the best midfielder in CONCACAF? You’ll get the right answer here based on justified metrics.

To start with, what is CONCACAF? Literally, CONCACAF means Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football. It is one of FIFA’s continental bodies in football (just like UEFA).

Before we go into details of who the best midfielder in CONCACAF is, it is important to know which teams make up CONCACAF.


Well, CONCACAF is made up of 41 nations. See below the details of all 41 football nations under CONCACAF.

SNNation (Men and Women teams)Year FoundedCONCACAF
Join date:
3United States19131961
5Costa Rica19211961
6El Salvador19351961
12Antigua and Barbuda1928between 1961 and 1973
14Bahamas1967between 1961 and 1973
18British Virgin Islands19741996
19Cayman Islands19661990
23Dominican Republic19531964
24French Guiana19622013
27Guyana1902between 1969 and 1971
32Puerto Rico19401964
33Saint Kitts and Nevis19321992
34Saint Lucia19791986
35Saint Martin19992013
36Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19791986
37Sint Maarten19862013
39Trinidad and Tobago19081964
40Turks and Caicos Islands19961996
41U.S. Virgin Islands19921987

8 Best Midfielders in CONCACAF History

It is important to point out that wingers or inverted forwards are considered midfielders, hence, they will not be considered.

Only center Midfielders, Defensive Midfielders, and Center attacking Midfielders are considered.

1. Michael Bradley (USA)

Michael Bradley is one of the most successful midfielders in the history of United States football.

Beyond United States football, almost no midfielder has achieved more than Michael Bradley in CONCACAF history.

Bradley won the American Footballer of the Year award in 2015 after an exceptional season. Also, Bradley won the Gold Cup twice (2007 & 2017) with the United States soccer team.

In addition, Bradley won the MLS Cup, Supporters Shield Cup, and the Canadian Cup (twice).

In all, Bradley featured 151 times for the United States soccer team.

2. Andrés Guardado (Mexico)

José Andrés Guardado Hernández is a Mexican professional footballer who plays for La Liga club Real Betis and captains the Mexico national team. Mainly a midfielder, he can also operate as a winger and left-back.

In his glittering career with Mexico, Guardado won 3 Gold cup titles. Also, he won 2 Eredivisie League titles and 2 Dutch Supercup titles with PSV.

3. Gerardo Torrado (Mexico)

The former Sevilla Defensive Midfielder was indeed a solid midfielder.

Torrado was very successful with the Mexican national team. He won 3 Concacaf Gold Cup titles. Also, he won 1 FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999.

At club level, Torrado won the Concacaf Champions League with CD Cruz Azul.

Given his achievements at the club level and with the national team, there is no doubt that Torrado is one of the best Midfielders In CONCACAF.

4. Cristian Oviedo (Costa Rica)

There is almost no better Midfielder from Costa Rica than Cristian Oviedo. He was indeed a solid defensive Midfielder.

Although Cristian Oviedo never had the chance to play in Europe, he was truly successful in the Costarican local League.

5. Julian de Guzman (Canada)

In the Canadian league, Julian de Guzman is one unsung hero.

During his time with Toronto FC, he won the Canadian Cup 3 times.

Without a doubt, de Guzman is one of the best midfielders In CONCACAF.

6. Walter Centeno (Costa Rica)

In the history of Costa Rican Football, no player has earned more than 137 caps for the national team. Walter Centeno holds the record.

In the 2003 Gold Cup tournament, Walter Centeno was a revelation. He won the highest goalscorer award.

Walter Centeno also won the Central American Cup with Costa Rica in 2007.

In addition to his glittering career, Walter Centeno also won the Costa Rican League and the Costarican Cup titles – 2 apiece.

Although he is very much underrated, Walter Centeno is no doubt one of the best midfielders in CONCACAF history.

7. Claudio Reyna (USA)

Claudio Reyna has over 100 caps for the United States of America.

In his spell at Ranger, Claudio Reyna won 2 Scottish League titles and 1 Scottish cup.

Only very few midfielders from CONCACAF have achieved more than Claudio Reyna.

8. Wilson Palacious (Hounduras)

Palacious has featured 97 times for the Honduras national team in his career. Only consistent players can be could have featured for their country 97 times.

Although Palacious never won a major trophy in his career, he featured for a big club like the North London club – Tottenham.


Judging by the number of important trophies won by all midfielders, Michael Bradley is the best midfielder in CONCACAF history.

Bradley won the Gold Cup twice (2007 & 2017) with the United States soccer team, the MLS Cup, Supporters Shield Cup, and the Canadian Cup (twice).

No other CONCACAF midfielder comes close.

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