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6 Lessons Learnt From Alisson Becker’s Goal For Liverpool

It is far from common to watch a Goalkeeper score a goal in a Football Match. But Alisson Becker’s Goal for Liverpool was a rare and wonderful last-minute header against West Brom in an EPIC match.

Before now, Football fans wonder if it is necessary for Goalkeepers to join in an attack for a last-minute set piece. Why? There are 2 reasons:

  1. Liability Involved: A team whose Goal Keeper is in the opposition box is more liable to concede a goal than the other team. Sometimes, the team in search of a goal ends up conceding a last-minute goal. Why? The Goalkeeper is in no man’s land.
  2. A Rarity in Goal Keepers Scoring: Almost all Goalkeepers form the habit of joining their team’s attack for a last-minute setpiece. This happens especially in a Final, knockout, or any other Must-win match when such a team needs a Goal. However, history proves that Goalkeepers hardly ever score even in such situations.
Watch Alisson Becker’s Goal Again.

Now, with Alisson Becker’s goal against West Brom, there is a new look to this idea. So, we have composed 5 Lessons learned from Alisson Becker. Let’s consider them.

PS: Alisson Becker is now one of the Goalscoring Goalkeepers in the Premier League.

1. Goalkeepers Will Be More Encouraged to Join Attack

As mentioned before, Goalkeepers hardly score when they join their team’s attack to search for a goal. This common thought in itself discourages many other Goalkeepers from Joining the attack. Some teams would rather prefer to keep their goal safe than being vulnerable.

However, with Alisson Becker’s Goal, Goalkeepers will be more encouraged to join the attack with the hope of scoring.

Goalkeepers may reason, “if Alisson Becker can score a last-minute goal, sure I can too“.

It is therefore logical to reason that we will see more Goalkeepers join their team’s attack especially when there is a last-minute set piece in a match their team needs a goal badly.

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2. Goalkeepers Too Can Score Goals

Traditionally in Football, It is the duty of attackers to score goals. To be more succinct, it is the primary duty of a Striker to score. But of course, midfielders and defenders score once in a while.

However, it is very bizarre to see a Goalkeeper on the score sheet. In fact, it is more common to see Goalkeepers score their own goals than an actual goal for their team.

Nonetheless, Alisson Becker’s goal proves that Goalkeepers too can score goals. To be clearer, A Goalkeeper is a Football Player too not just a standalone brick of wall to protect the goal.

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Wait a minute. Have you not heard football fans say “In football, there are 10 Players and 1 Goalkeeper”? What does that even mean? Well, whatever it means insinuates just the exact opposite. A Goalkeeper can be an outfield Football player too and must be regarded as one.

Alisson Becker’s goal is proof that Goalkeepers can score too. For them to be given that chance they must be an outfield player first!

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3. Never Give Up

It is very common to hear “Anything can happen in Football“. Yes, rightly so. Anything can really happen in Football especially in the Premier League.

Liverpool had just one more chance to get a goal to win the match then Bang! Alisson Becker heads it home in the final minute. Liverpool fought till the end and then got a reward for it – massive 3 points.

Perhaps you remember the crazy Istanbul Night when Liverpool came from 3 Goals down to win Milan in the Champions League Final. The win was inspired by the fantastic Steven Gerard, who is one of the best Midfielders ever.

Football teams should Never Give Up in their pursuit of a win even when it looks impossible. Although this is not new, Alisson Becker’s last-minute goal is a clear reminder.

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4. Teams Need to Embrace Risk in Football

As mentioned before, there is a high level of risk for Goalkeepers to join their team’s attack. Sometimes, it is a liability because the losing team could end up conceding even more.

But the risk is inevitably part of life, moreso in Football. Football teams need to give their all to win a football match. There is more need to take risks in Football especially when a team is losing. Why?

A team has all to gain (if it works out) when they risk it all (e.g their Goalkeeper joins the attack). On the other hand, they have nothing to lose, because they’ll still end up losing anyway if they don’t take risks.

Alisson Becker’s Goal is a clear reminder that there can be a reward for Football teams that never give up in football matches. It is even more rewarding if the Goalkeeper scores the winning goal.

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5. Goalkeepers Should Prepare For Joining Attack During Training (Often)

Traditionally in Football, Goalkeepers are like 1st class defenders. So expectedly, they train to defend the goal and save the team. However, a Goalkeeper can offer much more than that.

In modern Football, Goalkeepers contribute to the attack than ever before. Man City’s Goalkeeper – Ederson is a typical example. Like many other modern Coaches, Guardiola loves Goalkeepers who are good with their feet.

That said, we can imagine Goalkeepers train on how to pass the ball better. But do you imagine Goalkeepers train how to attack or score a set piece? With Alisson Becker’s Goal, we need to start imagining such pieces of training now henceforth.

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Lesson learnt Alisson Becker's Goal for Liverpool

6. Defenders Will Pay More Attention to Attacking Goalkeepers

If you’ve watched Alisson Becker’s goal closely, you’ll find out that was not marked. West Bromley defenders did not Pay him attention at all because it’s hard to imagine that he’s a threat. They rather marked other outfield players.

However, with Alisson’s goal, this kind of lax attitude toward attacking Goalkeepers will change.

Goalkeepers will now be marked out like other attacking players when a similar situation arises.

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Final Thought on Alisson Becker’s Goal

Alisson Becker’s Goal is no doubt incredible, rare, and exciting to watch. So far, Alisson Becker’s Goal has taught us the following lessons:

  • 1. Goalkeepers Will Be More Encouraged to Join Attack
  • 2. Goalkeepers Too Can Score Goals
  • 3. Never Give Up
  • 4. Teams Need to Embrace Risk in Football
  • 5. Goalkeepers Should Prepare For Joining Attack During Training (Often)
  • 6. Defenders Will Pay More Attention to Attacking Goalkeepers

Hopefully, we will see more exciting goals from Goalkeepers like that of Alisson Becker’s Goal.

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