most common last names in football

The Most Common Last Names in Football

In football, there are some names that are very common. Many footballers have the same names on the back of their jerseys and are only separated or identified by their first name.

In most cases, players who have the same surnames are not even related.

Let’s highlight 8 of the most common last names in football.


Literally, Traoré means “the chosen one”. Traoré is a name common among French-speaking Footballers who have African roots.

Adama TraoréRWSpain
Bertrand TraoréRWBurkina Faso
Hamed Junior TraorèAMIvory Coast
Djimi TraoréCBFrance
Lacina TraoreCFIvory Coast
Lassina TraoréCFBurkina Faso
Hamari TraoréRBMali
Ibrahima TraoréRWGuinea
Abdou TraoréAMMali
Armand TraoréLBFrance
Bakaye TraoréCMMali
Charles TraoréLBMali
Ibrahim TraoréCMIvory Coast
Sammy TraoréCBFrance


Diarra is a name that originates from French-speaking West Africans. Literally, Diarra means gift but also means “Lion” in the native Bambara language of Mali.

Typically, footballers named Diarra have ancient ancestry of the “Diarra kingdom”.

Mahamadou DiarraDMMali
Lassana DiarraDMFrance
Alou DiarraDMFrance
Lamine DiarraCFSenegal
Sigamary DiarraLMMali
Stéphane DiarraRWIvory Coast
Boubacar DiarraCBMali
Souleymane DiarraCMMali
Mamadou DiarraCBMali
Cheick Fantamady DiarraCFMali
Youba DiarraCMMali
Drissa DiarraDMMali
Abdoulaye DiarraLMMali
Bahnou Seydina DiarraCMBelgium


Touré means “Elephant” and typically, elephants depict power or royalty. The name has its origin from French-speaking West African countries.

Indeed, Touré is one of the most common last names in Football.

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Yaya TouréCMIvory Coast
Kolo TouréCBIvory Coast
Fodé Ballo-TouréLBSenegal
El Bilal TouréCFMali
Abdoulaye TouréDMFrance
Almamy TouréRBMali
Ibrahima TouréCFSenegal
Alioune TouréRWFrance
Zargo TouréCBSenegal
Birama TouréDMMali
Demba TouréSSSenegal
Thomas TouréLWIvory Coast
Idrissa TouréCMGermany
Larsen TouréRWGuinea
José TouréAMFrance
Alassane TouréRBFrance
Assimiou TouréCBTogo


The name Camara is another common last name among footballers. In most cases French-speaking West Africans bear Camara.

Camara means “Teacher”.

Mohamed CamaraDMMali
Mady CamaraCMGuinea
Zoumana CamaraCBFrance
Henri CamaraCFSenegal
Mahdi CamaraCMFrance
Souleymane CamaraRWSenegal
Aguibou CamaraAMGuinea
Ibrahima CamaraLBGuinea
Ousmane N’Gom CamaraRMGuinea
Samba CamaraCBMali
Abdoul CamaraLWGuinea
Pape CamaraDMSenegal
Demba CamaraCFGuinea
Abel CamaráCFGuinea-Bissau
Raúl CámaraRBSpain
Ousmane CamaraCBGuinea


The name Sakho has a Senegalese origin. However, many other French Footballers also bear the name.

Sahko means “ruler” or “king”.

Mamadou SakhoCBFrance
Diafra SakhoCFSenegal
Lamine SakhoLWSenegal
El Hadj SakhoGKSenegal
Aboubacar SakhoCFGuinea
Mathurin SakhoCBFrance
Mohamed SakhoDMGuinea
Abdoulaye SakhoDMGuinea
Bakharé SakhoCFFrance
Morlaye SakhoCMGuinea


Just like most of the common names in football, Dembélé also has its origin from West Africa – Mali to precise.

Dembélé actually means “freedom”.

Although many French footballers bear the name, the actual origin of Dembélé is traced to Mali.

Ousmane DembéléRWFrance
Moussa DembéléCFFrance
Mousa DembéléCMBelgium
Garra DembéléCFMali
Siriki DembéléLWIvory Coast
Mana DembéléCFMali
Bira DembéléCBFrance
Siramana DembéléDMFrance
Boubakar DembéléCMFrance
Bassirou DembéléDMMali
Mahamadou DembéléCBFrance
Karamoko DembéléRWEngland
Boubacar DembeleLBFrance
Makan DembéléRWMali
Yaqoub Al-Hassan DembeleLMMali
Souleymane DembéléCMMali
Malaly DembéléCFFrance
Ibrahima DembéléCBMali
John DembeleCFFrance


Diop is also one of the most common last names in football.

The name Diop has its origin in Senegal. Actually, the name Diop is given to those who originate from the Diop Clan in Senegal.

Literally, Diop means “descendant of the peacock clan”.

In addition, Diop also has an Islamic origin. The name is more associated with Muslims and it could also mean “ruler”.

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Issa DiopCBFrance
Sofiane DiopLWFrance
Papa Bouba DiopDMSenegal
Pape DiopDMSenegal
Makhete DiopCFSenegal
Pape Malick DiopCBSenegal
Babacar DiopCFSenegal
Pape Seydou DiopCMSenegal
Dame DiopFWSenegal
Amidou DiopCMSenegal
Abou DiopCFSenegal
Mbaye DiopCFSenegal
Mamadou DiopCFSenegal


Although Sissoko is very common among French Footballers, the name originates from Mali.

The exact meaning of Sissoko is not well spelt out but the closest meaning is “good person”.

Moussa SissokoCMFrance
Mohamed SissokoDMFrance
Ibrahima SissokoDMFrance
Ibrahim SissokoCFIvory Coast
Abdoul Wahid SissokoDMMali
Mohamadou SissokoCBFrance
Sambou SissokoDMFrance
Oumar SissokoGKMali
Slimane SissokoCFFrance
Oumar SissokoLMMali
Sambou SissokoRBFrance
Alpha SissokoRBFrance
Dramane SissokoCFFrance


The most common last names in football have African origin. To be precise, French-speaking African countries.

Although not all Footballers who bear these common names play for African teams, they all have African roots. It does not matter if they play for France or any other country.

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