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Guardiola vs Ancelotti Stats, Trophies and Records

Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti are two great football coaches that are often compared head to head. Rightly so, they both are very successful. Therefore, there is a need for Pep Guardiola vs Ancelotti in terms of trophies, head-to-head, and other stats.

In this post, Soofootball compares both managers in some key areas.

However, before going into details, here is a summary of Pep Guardiola vs Carlo Ancelotti head to head stats.

Guardiola vs Ancelotti Stats in Summary

  • Ancelotti won the World Best Coach award twice at 2 different clubs – Real Madrid (2014) and AC Milan (2006).
  • Guardiola won the World Best Coach award 2 times at just Barcelona.
  • Pep has won 38 major trophies compared to Ancelotti’s 26.
  • Guardiola won 6 of his 10 matches against Ancelotti. The Italian, on the other hand, won just 3.
  • Guardiola’s teams scored 56.6% (22) of goals, while Ancelotti’s team scored 43.3% (14).
  • Jurgen Klopp has beaten Guardiola the most – 10 times.
  • Luciano Spaletti has beaten Carlo Ancelotti the most – 11 times.

Now, let’s dive deep into the Guardiola vs Ancelotti comparison.

Guardiola vs Ancelotti Personal Accolade

CoachName of Personal AccoladeNo. of personal accolades won
Carlo AncelottiWorld best coach2
Pep GuardiolaWorld best coach2

Personal accolades could be another way to define how good a coach can be.

In the case of Ancelotti vs Guardiola, it is obvious that the Italian has more personal accolades than the Spanish tactician.

Interestingly, Pep only won these personal accolades during his time at Barcelona after winning the Champions League.

On the other hand, Ancelotti won the World best coach award twice – at 2 different clubs – Real Madrid (2014) and AC Milan (2006).

Pep Guardiola vs Carlo Ancelotti Trophies

Name of CoachNumber of Trophies won
Pep Guardiola38
Carlo Ancelotti26

Pep has won 38 major trophies compared to Ancelotti’s 26. Most recently, Guardiola won the Premier League and Carabao Cup in the 2023/24 season with Man City.

From another angle, one could also argue that Ancelotti has won better trophies than Guardiola because the Italian has 4 Champions League medals as a coach. In contrast, Pep has now won 3 Champions League medals as a coach – twice at Barcelona, and once at Manchester City.

In a nutshell, the Guardiola vs Ancelotti trophies comparison is 38:26.

Pep Guardiola vs Ancelotti Head-to-head

Carlo Ancelotti1233616

Ancelotti and Guardiola have faced off just 12 times, but Guardiola has had a far superior head-to-head record.

Guardiola won 5 times compared to Ancelotti’s 3.

Ancelotti’s most recent win is the 2024 Champions League Semi-final match that ended in Penalty shoot-out after a 4-4 aggregate score.

However, Pep Guardiola’s most recent win came in the 2022/23 Champions League Semifinal second leg, where Man City thumped Real Madrid 4-0 to win 5-1 on aggregate and advance to the final.

To put things in perspective, Guardiola won 60% of his matches against Ancelotti. The Italian, on the other hand, won just 33.3%.

Again, Guardiola’s teams scored 24 goals against Ancelotti’s, while the Italian’s team scored 16.

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Ancelotti vs Guardiola: Who is better?

So, here comes the big question – Ancelotti vs Pep Guardiola: Who is better? Going by the overall numbers, head-to-head, Trophies won, and accolades, Pep seems to be better.

However, when we consider that Ancelotti has won 4 Champions League trophies (as a coach) compared to Pep’s 3, we may conclude that Ancelotti is a better coach.

It is also important to mention that Ancelotti is one of the very few coaches who won the Champions League as a player too.

Ancelotti vs Guardiola FAQs Answered

How many times has Ancelotti beaten Guardiola?

Ancelotti has beaten Guardiola just 3 times out of 12 meetings. Guardiola on the other hand, won 6 times.

Who has won more trophies, Ancelotti or Pep?

Well, Pep Guardiola has won a total of 38 major trophies as a coach compared to Ancelotti’s 26.

Who has spent more money; Pep or Ancelotti?

ManagerTotal Players SignedTotal Amount Spent On transfer
Carlo Ancelotti377€727,905,000
Pep Guardiola120€1,046,508,181
Data source: Transfermarkt

So far, Ancelotti has spent €727,905,000 on transferring a total of 420 players. On the other hand, Pep has spent about €1Billion on 120 players in total.

It is important also to mention that out of Ancelotti’s 420 players bought, 104 were free transfers, while Guardiola only purchased just 36 players with fees; others are free transfers.

Which manager has beaten Guardiola the most?

ManagerMatches Against GuardiolaNo. of times Guardiola is beaten
Jürgen Klopp2410
José Mourinho257
Mauricio Pochettino224
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer94
Arsène Wenger143
Thomas Tuchel103
Carlo Ancelotti83
Nuno Espírito Santo83
Antonio Conte53

Jürgen Klopp has beaten Guardiola 10 times more than any other manager.

After Jürgen Klopp, Mourinho is Guardiola’s next nightmare manager after losing to the Portuguese 7 times.

Which manager has beaten Ancelotti the most?

ManagerMatches Against AncelottiNo. of times Ancelotti lost
Luciano Spalletti2411
Roberto Mancini218
Diego Simeone187
Sir Alex Ferguson146
Pep Guardiola85
Marcello Lippi164
Carlo Mazzone164
Alberto Zaccheroni144
Fabio Capello223
Luigi Delneri173
Cesare Prandelli163
Francesco Guidolin212
Walter Novellino192
Delio Rossi142

From the table above, it is clear that Luciano Spalletti is the coach that has beaten Carlo Ancelotti more than any other manager.

Ancelotti has lost to Luciano Spalletti 11 times in 24 meetings.

Roberto Mancini is Ancelotti’s next worst enemy, having lost to his Italian compatriot 8 times in 21 outings.

Is Guardiola the best coach in the world?

Guardiola is a great manager and has won the Champions League three times. Get more info about Guardiola’s Champions League stats.

Also, Guardiola has won a trophy in every place he’s been to.

However, some sections of the fans say Financial Fairplay rule works in Manchester City’s favour and that Guardiola only won the Champions League because he had Messi in his team.

Final thought

The Ancelotti vs Guardiola rivalry is one of the most interesting comparisons in football.

Football fans around the world highly regard both managers.

Some sections of the fans choose Pep as a better manager because, overall, he has won more trophies (38) than Ancelotti (26).

However, many other fans argue that Ancelotti is a better manager because he has won more prestigious trophies than Guardiola. For example, Ancelotti has 4 Champions League medals as a coach compared to Guardiola’s 3.

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