New Man City Chants 2023

New Man City Chants 2023: A Guide

Fans, supporters, players and the management of Manchester City Football Club are currently having the time of their lives. They are current champions of the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League and the FA Cup. At one point or the other throughout the phase of the season, these new Man City chants were echoed even in the 2023 Champions League final.

And no one is prouder than the average fan who holds bragging rites understanding that their years of support and faith in the Manchester club has paid off. 

There is no bigger way to show support for and faith in one’s favourite football club than chanting away fervently in the stands with fellow fans at the stadium while watching your team go for gold.

There is a general fan-composed football poem but each club has their chants.

Before we dive into the various Man City Chants that are on fire this year 2023, let us first find out what football chants are and how they came to be tangled in the rich history of football.

What are football chants?

Football chants are a form of vocal expression and communication used by fans during football matches to show support for their team, express their passion, and create an atmosphere in the stadium. Chants are typically sung or shouted collectively by a group of fans and are often accompanied by gestures, clapping, or other rhythmic movements.

Origins of football chants

The origin of football chants can be traced back to the early days of football when fans would gather in stadiums and use simple repetitive chants to rally behind their team. Chants serve multiple purposes, including boosting team morale, intimidating opponents, and fostering a sense of unity among fans.

The Essence of football chants in football history

The content of football chants can vary widely. Some chants are specific to a particular club, celebrating its history, players, or achievements.

Others may be more general, focusing on the passion and dedication of the fans themselves. Chants can also be humorous, taunting rival teams or players. They often incorporate catchy melodies or rhythmical patterns, making them easier to remember and sing along.

Football chants are deeply ingrained in the culture of the sport and have become an integral part of the matchday experience. They create a vibrant atmosphere within the stadium, enhancing the overall enjoyment for both the players and the spectators.

Chants can spread among fans through various means, including word of mouth, fan forums, social media, and supporters clubs.

Over time, some football chants have gained legendary status and become synonymous with specific teams or fanbases. These iconic chants can be heard reverberating through stadiums, creating an electrifying atmosphere during matches.

It’s important to note that while football chants are generally meant to be light-hearted and supportive, some chants have been criticized for their offensive or derogatory nature. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote inclusive and respectful chanting, discouraging discriminatory or abusive language.

New Man City Chants in 2023

Here are some of the most popular chants by Manchester City:

1. CTID – Haaland (Ha, Ha, Ha)

The Haaland Chant is a new Man City chant and one of the most melodious chants in 2023.

Listen to the chant below.

Of course, the chant is inspired by Man City goal machine – Erling Haaland, who took the Premier League by storm, scoring 55 Goals in 52 appearances in his first season at the club.

(See how Haaland compares to Messi for the 2023 Ballon d’Or race.)

2. Blue Moon

“Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone,

Without a dream in my heart,

Without a love of my own.

Blue Moon, you knew just what I was there for,

You heard me saying a prayer for

Someone I really could care for.”

I personally have never heard a club chant so touching. This is the best chant that shows that your club is very dear to your heart.

3. City Till I Die

“City ’til I die, I’m City ’til I die,

I know I am, I’m sure I am,

I’m City ’til I die.”

If one is looking for a sure way to affirm his undying love and support for the boys in blue, this chant is the best he can give. More like a motto or pledge than just a chant.

4. We Are City

   “We are City, we are City, super City from Maine Road,

   We are City, super City, we are City from Maine Road.”

5. We’ve Got Guardiola

“We’ve got Guardiola,

Ole, ole, ole, ole,

We’ve got Guardiola,

Ole, ole, ole, ole,

We’ve got Guardiola,

Ole, ole, ole, ole,

We’ve got Guardiola.”

Guardiola sure loves it when the fans sing his praise, he deserves it, he has given his best; let him bask in the adulation of the crowd.

6. Blue Moon Rising

“Blue Moon rising, up from the east,

A new day is dawning, the city at peace,

Here in the blue half, we’ll sing out the song,

The pride of Manchester, forever we’ll belong.”

This sounds like a chant for peacetime. Maybe a friendly match with nothing at stake.

7. Oh When the Blues

“Oh, when the Blues, go marching in,

Oh, when the Blues go marching in,

I want to be in that number,

Oh, when the Blues go marching in.”

Talk about the blues go marching into your stadium like a platoon of soldiers with their fans drumming and chanting this tune, looking for victory. You’ve got to be on the lookout.

8. Singing the Blues

“Never felt more like singing the blues,

City win, United lose,

Oh City you got me singing the blues.”

One thing is for sure, many Manchester United fans will dread the City fans singing this as they have been city rivals for a long time. Seems this will help them put in more effort when they play against the boys in Blue.

One fun fact about this tune is that it is a well-liked chant frequently heard at Manchester City matches and is sung to the melody of “Singing the Blues,” originally performed by Guy Mitchell.

These are just a few examples, and Manchester City fans have many more chants and songs to support their club.

Quick Facts about Manchester City Football Club

  • Manchester City Football Club, commonly known as Man City was formed in 1880. The club was initially established as St. Mark’s (West Gorton) and later became Ardwick Association Football Club. 
  • In 1894, the club was renamed Manchester City. 
  • The club has had multiple ownership changes, with notable figures such as Peter Swales and Thai businessman Thaksin Shinawatra being involved. 
  • Man City was taken over by the Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008, led by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, transforming Manchester City into a footballing powerhouse. 
  • Manchester City has had several influential managers throughout its history. Notable managers include Joe Mercer, who led the club to its first major honours in the 1960s, including the First Division title and the FA Cup. 
  • In recent years, the club has been guided by renowned managers such as Roberto Mancini, Manuel Pellegrini, and Pep Guardiola. Under Guardiola’s leadership, Manchester City has achieved remarkable success, winning multiple Premier League titles, and domestic cups, and setting various records. 

Final Thought

Manchester City has become a force to reckon with in English football in recent times. These chants go a long way in setting the pace for victory and keeping the overall morale of the team and fans at a high.

Which of these new 2023 Man City Chants do you like?

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