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Who Is Buying Manchester United? What Are The Numbers?

A big change is brewing for Manchester United, and everyone’s talking about it. Imagine this – right now, some folks called the Glazers own most of the team. But guess what? They might sell a chunk of it. The question on everyone’s lips is, Who is buying Manchester United?

So, here’s the scoop. The Glazers, who own around 69% of Manchester United, are thinking about selling 25% of it. That’s a big deal because it means someone else could become a major player in the team. Sir Ratcliffe, the head of a company called INEOS, is the guy everyone’s looking at. But hold on – there’s a twist.

Sheikh Jassim and his Qatari team also wanted to buy the whole kit and caboodle – the whole 100% of Manchester United. They even offered a bunch of money and promised to fix up the stadium, training ground, and the team itself. But the Glazers said, “No, thanks,” and picked Sir Ratcliffe instead.

Now, you might wonder, why are they selling only 25%? The math can be a bit tricky, but basically, the Glazers will still have a big chunk – around 52%. It’s like sharing a pizza but keeping most of it for themselves.

Why does this matter? Well, it could mean big changes for Manchester United. New owners might bring in fresh ideas, and fans are buzzing with excitement and some confusion. So, stick around as we find out who is buying Manchester United and break down the numbers.

The Big Players of Manchester United Sale Saga

Again, Who is buying Manchester United?

First up, we have Sir Ratcliffe. He’s the head honcho, and the founder of INEOS, a company that deals with chemicals. Now, he’s eyeing a chunk of Manchester United – around 25%. That’s a pretty hefty slice of the soccer pie.

But wait, there’s a rival in the ring – Sheikh Jassim and his Qatari team. These guys weren’t just aiming for a piece; they wanted the whole kit and caboodle – all 100% of Manchester United. Sheikh Jassim and his crew even brought some serious cash to the table and promised to spruce up the stadium, training ground, and the team itself. They were all in.

Now, here’s the twist. Even with a mega offer on the table, the Glazers, the current owners, said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to Sheikh Jassim. Instead, they leaned towards Sir Ratcliffe. It’s like a high-stakes game of picking a team for a game, but in this case, it’s about who gets to own a chunk of one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

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The Exit of Sheikh Jassim

Now, let’s discuss why Sheikh Jassim stepped out of the race to buy Manchester United. It’s like a plot twist in a soccer story. Sheikh Jassim and his Qatari gang were all set to scoop up the entire 100% of the club.

They even had big plans – wiping out the debts from the Glazers’ time and giving the stadium, training ground, and team a serious upgrade. Sounds like a dream, right?

But here’s where things get interesting. The Glazers, the ones currently holding the keys to Manchester United, said, “No, thanks” to Sheikh Jassim. They preferred Sir Ratcliffe’s offer, even though it was just for a 25% slice. Now, that’s a head-scratcher for fans and maybe even for Sheikh Jassim.

The big question is why did Sheikh Jassim decide to bow out? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First off, there was a money gap. Sheikh Jassim was willing to splash around £5 billion for everything, debts included. But the Glazers, think Manchester United is worth more, way more – over £6 billion. So, it’s like trying to agree on the price of a really fancy car.

Then there were negotiations. You know how sometimes you want something, but the other person wants something else, and you just can’t find common ground? That’s what happened here. The talks between Sheikh Jassim and the Glazers hit a roadblock, and he decided to step away from the negotiating table.

It’s like a high-stakes game of poker but with billions on the line. Sheikh Jassim had his cards, the Glazers had theirs, and in the end, they couldn’t agree on the game they were playing. So, that’s why Sheikh Jassim exited the race – differences in how much the club is worth and how much he was willing to pay, plus a bit of a struggle to see eye to eye with the current owners.

Ratcliffe’s Offer: Numbers and Considerations

Sir Ratcliffe is ready to throw down some serious cash – between £1.3 billion and £1.5 billion – to snag that 25%. But here’s the twist: Manchester United, according to the Glazers, is like a really fancy car with a hefty price tag. They value the whole club at over £6 billion. That’s a big difference from what Sir Ratcliffe is willing to pay.

It’s like haggling for a car. Imagine you’re at a dealership, and the owner says, “This beauty is worth £6 billion,” but you think it’s more like £1.5 billion. That’s the situation here. The Glazers believe Manchester United is worth a lot more than what Sir Ratcliffe is offering.

Now, why does this matter? Well, it’s not just about numbers on paper. The price tag affects the whole game plan for Manchester United’s future. If Sir Ratcliffe gets that 25% at a lower price, it might mean more money for things like new players, better facilities, and overall improvements for the club. But if the Glazers stick to their high valuation, it could mean a different story.

So, here we are – Sir Ratcliffe, who is most likely buying Manchester United, with his offer on the table, the Glazers with their own idea of how much the club is worth, and fans waiting to see how this financial tug-of-war plays out.

Glazers’ Perspective: Holding Majority Shares

Currently, the Glazers are the big bosses, holding around 69% of the club. Now, they’re considering selling 25% of that to Sir Ratcliffe. But here’s the catch: even if they sell a chunk, they still keep a big piece of the pie.

So, the Glazers are looking at it like sharing a pizza. They have this giant pizza, which is 69% of Manchester United. Now, they’re saying, “Hey, Sir Ratcliffe, you can have a slice – 25% of it.” But they’re holding on to the rest. The math might seem a bit tricky, but after the deal, they would still be left with about 52%. It’s like being generous with a friend but making sure you keep the majority.

On various social media platforms, fans have taken to commenting about their confusion over the Glazers’ decision. Some express bewilderment at the idea of selling only 25% and still retaining a majority stake. One fan, for instance, tweeted, “Can someone explain how the Glazers can sell 25% but still have more than half? I’m lost! #MUFC.”

Well, for the purpose of clarity, let’s break down the numbers. So the Glazers own 69%, right? If they sell 25%, that’s 17.25% of the original 69%. That leaves them with 51.75%, which is basically 52%.


In wrapping up it’s clear that Sir Ratcliffe is the one who is most likely buying Manchester United. The pitch is buzzing with speculation and uncertainty. Sir Ratcliffe’s offer to purchase a 25% stake in the club from the Glazers, who currently own around 69%, has set the stage for a significant shift in ownership dynamics. However, the reaction from the passionate fan base is far from optimistic.

The prevailing sentiment among fans is a resounding desire to see the Glazers out of the picture entirely. The decision to retain a majority share, despite the proposed sale, has left many supporters sceptical about the potential for real change. Fans have made their voices loud and clear – they are hungry for a fresh start, a new era that isn’t tethered to the decisions and legacy of the current owners.

The reluctance to fully let go of control has fueled concerns that, even with a partial sale, the core issues surrounding the Glazers’ management may persist. Supporters worry that the club’s trajectory, both on and off the field, may remain largely unaffected. It’s a sentiment born out of years of frustration, financial concerns, and a longing for a Manchester United that reflects the dreams and aspirations of its devoted fan base.

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