Soofootball and OG Predict

OFFICIAL: Soofootball Partners With OG Predict

As football fans who love to stay abreast of educative soccer info or content, it is pleasing to inform you that we at have partnered up with OG Predict.

We understand that football fans need more than just information – we need something interesting that engages us.

Our football quiz platform is a good place to start but OG Predict offers another dimension of soccer engagement.

What is OG Predict All About?

OG Predict is a soccer prediction platform that gives you the opportunity to earn rewards for your prediction skills.

There will be 10 fixtures weekly from the top 5 major leagues around the world.

Users will have the chance to predict the scores of these matches in order to boost their chances on the weekly leaderboard. This is not gambling in any way.

OG Predict brings your football passion to life.

Join thousands of football fans worldwide in predicting the scores of your favorite soccer matches and feel the joy that comes with victory!

This is more about the passion for the game than it is about the reward that comes with getting the correct scores.

$OG is the universal digital currency (BEP20) that will be used on the platform.

Learn more about how OG Prediction works.

Why We Partnered With OG Predict

Today, many football fans think betting is the only way to make money from football. But in reality, you can make money from football without betting.

In fact, prohibit betting and never encourage football fans to bet or gamble in any way. It is an inherent policy of Soofootball.

We took a further step to publish a powerful eBook that guides football fans to money-making opportunities beyond betting. Check out the eBook here.

In line with this vision, OG Predict perfectly aligns.

OG Predict frowns at betting as much as we do. Our common goal is to provide the utmost value to football fans around the world without adding any pain or losses to their minds.

How To Predict And Win

Follow the following steps to predict and win on OG Predicts.

  • Head over to
  • Create an account (you’ll need an active email address to verify your account.)
  • Start Predicting

Word Of Caution

While you can win a lot of cool stuff like PlayStation 5, on OG Predict, it is important to note that the platform IS NOT a betting site or a money-making platform.

OG Predict, like Soofootball, is a platform where genuine football who are driven by passion stay engaged.

What This Information Means For You

First, this is to inform you about our new step.

Second, we thought the information is very much relevant to you and should like it because you are a die-hard football fan.

Finally, the only action expected of you is to go to OG Predict now, register, and start predicting.

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