What Is The Most-watched Champions League Final

What is the most watched Champions League final?

The stage is set for a titanic clash! Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid face off in the 2024 Champions League final on June 1st. This prestigious match ignites a global passion for football and promises to attract so many viewers. However, you may be wondering what Champions League Final match is the most watched in the history of the competition.

This article will explain in detail at least 6 most watched Champions League final matches based on global viewership.

3 Most Watched Champions League Final

1. Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid | 2014 | 184 million viewers

This city rivalry clash in Madrid offered a unique storyline. Real Madrid’s immense global fanbase, coupled with the high stakes of a Champions League final between local rivals, likely fueled this record-breaking viewership of 184 million worldwide viewers. Countries with large Spanish speaking populations, along with established Real Madrid fanbases in Asia and Europe, likely contributed significantly.

2. Real Madrid vs. Liverpool | 2018 | 161 million viewers

Two European superpowers with passionate global fanbases were featured in the 2018 Champions League final. Real Madrid’s established presence and Liverpool’s resurgent popularity likely contributed to the high viewership of 161 million. Countries with strong historical ties to these clubs, like England and Spain, and emerging markets with growing football fanbases, likely saw high viewership numbers.

3. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich | 1999 | 100 million+ viewers

A dramatic comeback by Manchester United in the 1999 Champions League final match against Bayern Munich is one of the most iconic matches in the competition’s history. This, combined with the global appeal of both Premier League giants, propelled viewership figures past 100 million. The strong presence of these teams in European and Asian markets likely generated significant viewership in those regions.

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Will The 2024 Champions League Final Match Break The Viewership Record?

With Borussia Dortmund’s passionate German fanbase and Real Madrid seeking their 15th title, the upcoming 2024 final has the potential for high viewership across Europe. However, surpassing the 2014 record might be a challenge and seem impossible, given the hype around the match.

The scenario in the 2024 Champions League final is a case of a Big Team (Real Madrid) vs a smaller team (BVB), which usually does not generate enough buzz unlike when two big teams meet in the final.


The 2014 clash between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid currently holds the record with a staggering 184 million viewers. Will the 2024 final rewrite history? Only time will tell. Regardless, one thing’s for certain: the Champions League final will once again unite fans in a global celebration of the beautiful game.

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