West London Derby

West London Derby: The In-depth Overview

There are many Derbies in football but one that stands out is the West London Derby. It is like a subset of the London Derby.

This article explains in detail how the West London Derby works, the teams involved and some stats related to the derby.

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What Is The West London Derby?

The West London Derby is indeed a term encompassing the local rivalries among the football clubs based in West London, namely Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham, and Queens Park Rangers (QPR). These four teams, each with its unique history and fan base, create an intricate web of competition that adds spice to the football scene in the region.

Matches involving any pair of these clubs contribute to the West London Derby atmosphere, and the intensity of these encounters resonates deeply with the fans. Whether it’s Chelsea facing off against Fulham or QPR taking on Brentford, the stakes are high, and the bragging rights for West London supremacy are on the line.

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Which Team Is The Most Successful In West London Derby?

Determining the most successful team in West London Derbies involves analyzing the head-to-head records and overall performance of the four prominent clubs in the region: Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham, and Queens Park Rangers (QPR).

See below a table that shows a clear head-to-head of the teams involved in the Derby.

Chelsea FC vs. Fulham FCWinsDrawsLosses
Chelsea FC vs. Brentford FCWinsDrawsLosses
Chelsea FC vs. QPRWinsDrawsLosses
Fulham FC vs. Brentford FCWinsDrawsLosses
Fulham FC vs. QPRWinsDrawsLosses
Brentford FC vs. QPRWinsDrawsLosses

From the above table, we can get the cumulative or aggregate stats of the West London Derby. See below:


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Notable West London Derby Stats

  • Chelsea holds the highest number of wins in West London Derbies with 30 victories.
  • Brentford and QPR are the most consistent teams in terms of draws, each with 11.
  • Fulham has the highest number of losses in West London Derbies with 18.
  • Chelsea boasts the best win-to-loss ratio, with a ratio of 3:1 (30 wins to 10 losses).
  • Chelsea and QPR share the record for the most draws in head-to-head matches, each with 5.
  • The matches between Brentford and QPR are the closest, with only one more win for Brentford (5) compared to QPR (4) and a similar number of draws (4).
  • Fulham boasts a strong home record against QPR, with 6 wins compared to QPR’s 2 victories in their head-to-head matches.
  • Chelsea holds the record for the biggest West London derby victory in the Premier League, defeating QPR 6-1 on April 29, 2012. However, in the 1982-1983 season, Queens Park Rangers secured a memorable 6-0 victory over Chelsea in the First Division. This result remains one of the most significant wins for QPR in the WLD history.


The West London Derby is like a big, exciting show that brings together four important teams: Brentford, Chelsea, Fulham, and Queens Park Rangers (QPR). These teams add their own stories and passionate fans to the mix, creating a lively and competitive atmosphere.

Looking at the numbers, Chelsea has been the most successful team in the West London Derby, winning the most matches (30).

Remembering some big moments, like Chelsea beating QPR 6-1, or the historic games at Brentford’s old stadium, Griffin Park, adds extra excitement to the WLD. From last-minute goals to important matches in the Championship, this rivalry has given us lots of unforgettable moments.

In my opinion, the West London Derby is more than just football matches; it’s a celebration of local pride and community. It brings people together and adds a special flavour to the area’s culture.

As the teams continue to face off, creating new stories, one thing is for sure – the WLD will keep being a thrilling and important part of English football.

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