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EURO 2024 Analysis and Prediction

The Euro 2024 group stage is complete, and the battle for European glory heats up! With several strong contenders remaining, predicting the winner is no easy task. This analysis dives into each team’s chances, assigning Soofootball odds to assess their likelihood of success. We’ll explore potential knockout stage matchups and ultimately reveal our pick for the champion.

Group Stage Analysis & Prediction

The Group stage of every football competition is always a tricky one. It’s difficult to predict. Nonetheless, see below our analysis and prediction of the EURO 2024 Group stage.

Euro 2024 Group
  • Group A: Germany, as the host nation, will have the advantage of playing in familiar territory in front of their home crowd. Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland are all capable teams, but Germany is the clear favourite to win the group.
  • Group B: This group is arguably the toughest to call. Spain, Croatia, and Italy are all former champions, while Albania is a dark horse. Spain might edge out the group due to their experience and squad depth.
  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, and England make up Group C. England, with their young and talented squad, are favourites to win the group. Denmark and Serbia are also strong contenders, and Slovenia should not be underestimated.
  • Group D: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, and France are in Group D. France, the current World Cup holders, are the favourites to win the group. Poland, Netherlands, and Austria all have experienced players and can cause an upset.
  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine make up Group E. Belgium, with their golden generation of players still around, are the favorites to win the group. Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine are all capable of causing an upset.
  • Group F: Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Georgia are in Group F. Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, are the favourites to win the group. Czech Republic, Turkey, and Georgia are all outsiders.

It’s still too early to say definitively who will win Euro 2024, but some of the favourites include France, Belgium, England, and Spain. These teams have a strong track record in recent tournaments and possess talented squads.

Knock Out Stage

Predicting the knockout stages of a tournament is challenging due to the potential for upsets and injuries. However, based on current form and historical performance, here’s a possible analysis of the Euro 2024 knockout phase using hypothetical Soofootball odds.

Round of 16

  • Germany vs. Croatia (60%/40%): Germany, fueled by home advantage, will be a force to be reckoned with. Their passionate fans could be the deciding factor against a seasoned Croatian squad.
  • Spain vs. Switzerland (55%/45%): Spain boasts a wealth of experience, which could prove crucial against the ever-improving Swiss team. It promises to be a close encounter.
  • England vs. Netherlands (65%/35%): England’s young guns are riding a wave of momentum. They’ll face a test against the Netherlands’ talented but sometimes unpredictable team.
  • France vs. Serbia (70%/30%): As reigning World Cup champions, France is the clear favorite. However, Serbia shouldn’t be underestimated, and this could be a high-scoring affair.
  • Belgium vs. Turkey (60%/40%): Belgium’s “golden generation” is still a potent force. They’ll look to overpower a determined Turkish side aiming to cause an upset.
  • Portugal vs. Slovakia (55%/45%): Cristiano Ronaldo remains a goal threat for Portugal. However, Slovakia will be hungry for a historic win, making this a matchup to watch.


  • Germany vs. Spain (55%/45%): A potential clash of titans! Germany’s home advantage could trump Spain’s experience in this tightly contested battle.
  • England vs. France (60%/40%): A rematch of the Euro 2020 final. England’s youthful exuberance could challenge France’s experience, but the French shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Belgium vs. Portugal (58%/42%): An intriguing battle between two strong squads. Belgium’s overall squad depth might just give them the edge against a Ronaldo-led Portugal.


  • Germany vs. England (52%/48%): A rematch of the Euro 2020 final! Can England avenge their previous defeat fueled by their passionate home crowd?
  • Belgium vs. Portugal (53%/47%): A repeat of the 2018 World Cup semi-final. Belgium has a slight edge on paper, but Portugal’s never-say-die attitude makes this unpredictable.

The Final

  • England vs. Belgium (51%/49%): A mouthwatering final with contrasting styles. England’s energetic young squad aims for their first major trophy since 1966, while Belgium’s experienced golden generation seeks to finally claim the coveted title.

Based on this analysis, England has the narrowest path to victory with a 51% chance of winning the Euro 2024. However, the knockout stages are known for surprises, and any of the remaining teams could claim the title.

What do you say?

Who do you think will win Euro 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

This analysis is based on current form, historical performance, and a dash of prediction. The beauty of football is that anything can happen on the pitch. So, which team do you think will defy the odds and be crowned European champions? Let’s hear your picks!

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