Neymar vs Hazard stats

Neymar vs Hazard Stats: Who Is Better?

Neymar and Hazard stand out as sensational left-wingers, each weaving their own magic on the pitch. Neymar, the skilful Brazilian, and Hazard, the Belgian wizard, share a similar style of play off the left wing, dazzling defenders with their flair and creativity. Neymar made his mark with Barcelona and PSG, while Hazard left an indelible impression at Chelsea and plied his trade with Real Madrid. Internationally, Neymar proudly wears the yellow of Brazil, while Hazard has been a key figure for Belgium. Neymar vs Hazard stats will unveil the numerical symphony behind their captivating careers, as we establish who has a better career.

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Neymar vs Hazard Stats: Club Career Analysis

Total Matches503623
Minutes Played41,07544,529
Goals per Match0.590.27
Assists per Match0.380.25
Minutes per Goal139267
Minutes per Assist213284
UEFA Champions League81 Apps, 43 Goals61 Apps, 10 Goals
LaLiga (or Premier League)123 Apps, 68 Goals54 Apps, 4 Goals
Ligue 1112 Apps, 82 Goals147 Apps, 36 Goals
Saudi Pro League3 Apps, 0 Goals

Let’s break down Neymar vs Hazard club stats in a simpler way. Neymar has scored 296 goals in 503 games, making it around 0.59 goals per game. On the other hand, Hazard has 167 goals in 623 games, which is about 0.27 goals per game. So, Neymar is better at scoring goals.

Now, looking at assists, Neymar has 193 in 503 games, around 0.38 assists per game. Hazard provided 157 assists in 623 games, making it about 0.25 assists per game. This shows Neymar is a bit better at setting up goals.

When we talk about efficiency, Neymar scores a goal every 139 minutes, while Hazard takes 267 minutes. Neymar also assists every 213 minutes, and Hazard takes 284 minutes.

In big competitions like the UEFA Champions League, Neymar shines with 43 goals in 81 games, while Hazard has 10 goals in 61 games. So, Neymar has been more impactful in these crucial matches.

In simple terms, Neymar scores more goals, assists a bit better, and does it more efficiently than Hazard. But remember, both players have their own unique styles and strengths, making them special in their own way.

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Nemar vs Hazard Stats: National Team Career Analysis

Total Matches128126
Goals per Match0.620.26

Looking at Neymar and Hazard’s national team stats, Neymar played a bit more with 128 matches compared to Hazard’s 126. Now, when it comes to scoring goals for their countries, Neymar really stands out. He scored 79 goals for Brazil, while Hazard scored 33 for Belgium. That means Neymar scores more often when he plays for his national team.

If we break it down per match, Neymar averages 0.62 goals each game, showing he’s more likely to score in every match he plays for Brazil. On the other hand, Hazard’s average is 0.26 goals per game for Belgium.

So, in simple terms, Neymar scores more goals and frequently for his national team than Hazard. Both are great players, but Neymar’s goal-scoring record for Brazil is quite impressive.

Champions League Winners as Players and Managers

Neymar vs Hazard Achievements Analyzed

Footballer of the Year1x (In Brazilian League)4x (With Lile and Chelsea)
FIFA Puskás Award1x
Top Goal Scorer4x
Premier League2X (with Chelsea)
FA Cup1X (with Chelsea)
English League Cup 1x (with Chelsea)
Europa League2X (with Chelsea)
Champions League Winner1x (with Barcelona)1x (with Chelsea)
FIFA Club World Cup1x
French Champion5x (with PSG)1x (with Lille)
Spanish Champion2x (with Barcelona)2X (With Real Madrid)
Spanish Super Cup1X (With Real Madrid)
UEFA Supercup Winner1x (with Barcelona)1x (with Chelsea)
French Cup Winner3x (with PSG)1x (with Lille)
Spanish Cup Winner3x (with Barcelona)1x (with Real Madrid)
French League Cup Winner2x (with PSG)
Brazilian Cup Winner2x (with Santos)
Copa Libertadores Winner1x (with Santos)
Confederations Cup Winner1x (with Brazil)
Recopa Sudamericana Winner1x (with Santos)
Under-20 South American Championship Winner1x (with Brazil U20)
French Super Cup Winner4x (with PSG)
Olympic Medalist1x (with Brazil)

Looking at the key achievements of Neymar and Hazard, we can see some interesting differences in their football careers. Neymar, with a total of 35 notable achievements, has had a remarkable journey. He has secured numerous domestic and international titles, including Champions League victories with Barcelona and PSG, multiple league championships, and individual accolades such as the FIFA Puskás Award.

On the other hand, Hazard, with a total of 18 achievements, has made his mark as well. Notable triumphs include being crowned Premier League and Europa League champion with Chelsea, along with a Champions League victory with the same club.

The stark contrast in their achievement totals underlines Neymar’s more extensive success across various competitions and leagues. This is not to diminish Hazard’s accomplishments, as he has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the footballing landscape. Neymar’s 35 achievements showcase a more diverse and extensive range of successes compared to Hazard’s 18.

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In the Neymar vs Hazard stats analysis, let’s juxtapose their careers. Neymar, with 503 club appearances, scored 296 goals and provided 193 assists, showcasing remarkable versatility. His national team journey boasts 128 caps and an impressive 79 goals. Accompanied by an extensive list of 35 achievements (both personal and team accolades). Neymar’s career numbers speak volumes about his consistent excellence.

Conversely, Hazard’s club career comprises 623 appearances, 167 goals, and 157 assists, showcasing his prowess in both scoring and creating opportunities. His national team endeavours include 126 caps and 33 goals. While his achievements, totalling 18, notably include a pivotal role in Chelsea’s Champions League triumph.

Verdict: Neymar’s 503 club appearances, 128 national team caps, and 35 achievements eclipse Hazard’s 623 club appearances, 126 national team caps, and 18 achievements. The numbers unequivocally endorse Neymar’s footballing legacy as more prolific and decorated than Hazard’s.

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