Harry Kane vs Lewandowski Stats

Harry Kane vs Lewandowski Stats Analysis – Career Overview

As the footballing world continues to witness significant shifts in player allegiances and club dynamics, one recent development has caught the attention of fans and analysts alike: Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich for a staggering reported fee of £110 million. This move, drawing parallels to the renowned Robert Lewandowski, has ignited discussions about the potential impact of Kane on his new club and whether he can emulate the remarkable legacy left behind by the Polish striker. Hence, there is a need to analyze Harry Kane vs Lewandowski stats.

Harry Kane’s journey to Bayern Munich is strikingly reminiscent of a proper Lewandowski replacement, as both players share not only a prolific goal-scoring record but also a certain gravitas on the field. The departure of Lewandowski to Barcelona in the summer of 2022 left a void that Bayern has yet to fill, making the comparison between these two goal-scoring juggernauts all the more compelling.

However, amidst the transfer buzz and tactical considerations, it’s intriguing to delve into the numbers, the statistics that encapsulate the essence of each player’s career.

In this in-depth analysis, we will dissect the comprehensive career overview of both Harry Kane vs Lewandowski, shedding light on their goal-scoring stats, contributions to their respective teams, and the unique attributes that have set them apart on the global football stage.

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Summary of Harry Kane vs Lewandowski Stats

  • Kane averages a goal every 129.3 minutes across all competitions meanwhile Lewandowski averages a goal every 110.0 minutes across all competitions. Harry Kane is more prolific in this context.
  • Harry Kane has scored 307 goals in domestic leagues, while Robert Lewandowski has scored 542 goals. Kane has just 77.5% of the total goals scored by Lewandowski in domestic leagues.
  • Kane has provided 80 assists, whereas Lewandowski has 143 assists. Lewandowski has 1.76 times more assists than Kane in domestic leagues.
  • Harry Kane has scored a goal every 128.8 minutes in domestic leagues, while Lewandowski has scored a goal every 109.7 minutes. Lewandowski has a better goal-per-minute ratio, scoring more frequently than Kane.
  • HK has made 514 appearances in all competitions, compared to Lewandowski’s 722 appearances. Lewy has played in 40.2% more matches than Kane.
  • The English Striker has scored just 30 goals in European competitions, whereas Lewandowski has scored 120 goals. Lewandowski has scored 4 times more goals than Kane in European competitions.
  • Kane has provided a total of 14 assists, while Lewandowski has 35 assists in European competitions.
  • Harry Kane has scored 84 goals for the England national team, while Lewandowski has scored 142 goals for Poland. Hence, Lewandowski has 1.69 times more goals than Kane at the national team level.
  • Kane has provided 58 assists for England, and Lewandowski has provided 79 assists for Poland. Lewy has 1.36 times more assists than Kane for their respective national teams.

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Detailed Harry Kane vs Lewandowski Stats on Table

See below the deatiled stats of Harry Kane vs Lewandowski. The summary above were derived from the stats below.

StatsHarry KaneRobert Lewandowski
League Appearances320384
League Goals213312
League Assists5075
Minute per Goal (League)126100
Minutes Played (League)26,94331,076
Appearances (European Competitions)141147
Goals (European Competitions)13120
Assists (European Competitions)628
Minute per Goal (European Competitions)148104
Minutes Played (European Competitions)6,14815,447
National Team Goals84142
National Team Assists5879
Total Goals (All)307542
Total Assists (All)80143
Total Appearances514722
Total Minutes Played39,70659,503
Average Goals/Min129.3110.0

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Final Thought

In this Harry Kane vs Lewandowski stats comparison, it becomes evident that both players have left an indelible mark on the world of football. Robert Lewandowski’s impressive tally of 542 goals across all competitions undoubtedly stands out, a testament to his longevity, consistency, and prolific scoring ability. However, a closer look reveals that this higher goal count is partly due to Lewandowski’s participation in more matches.

What truly captures attention is Harry Kane’s remarkable average Goal Per Minute, at 129.3 minutes per goal across all competitions. This statistic highlights his efficiency in finding the back of the net, showcasing his ability to make an impact in shorter periods of play. While Lewandowski’s larger goal tally commands respect, Kane’s potency within a shorter timeframe cannot be overlooked.

The journey ahead for Harry Kane at Bayern Munich holds the promise of even greater accomplishments. If he can maintain the admirable longevity that Robert Lewandowski has displayed, Kane has a genuine chance of matching or even surpassing the Polish striker’s impressive record.

As football fans, we find ourselves on the cusp of witnessing potential history in the making. Will Kane’s efficiency trump Lewandowski’s endurance? Can Kane emulate Lewandowski’s legacy while carving a path of his own? Only time will reveal the answers, but the anticipation is undeniably captivating.

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