Kopa Trophy vs Golden Boy

Kopa Trophy vs Golden Boy: Understanding the Difference

Football, often referred to as the beautiful game, has a rich tapestry of accolades and awards that honour the talents and achievements of young and promising players. Two such prestigious awards that stand out in this regard are the Kopa Trophy and the Golden Boy Award. In this article, we will discuss these two awards, unravel their histories, criteria, and significance, and ultimately distinguish the major differences between the Kopa Trophy vs Golden Boy.

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The Kopa Trophy

The Kopa Trophy, often described as the “Ballon d’Or for young players,” is named after the legendary French footballer Raymond Kopa. Established in 2018, it is relatively new compared to the Golden Boy award, which we will discuss shortly.

This award is presented by France Football, the same organization responsible for the iconic Ballon d’Or, making it one of the most prestigious individual awards in the football world.

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Selection Criteria for the Kopa Trophy

  1. Age Limit: The Kopa Trophy is awarded to the best male player under the age of 21 as of January 1st of the award year. This age restriction is a clear distinction from the Ballon d’Or, which is open to players of all ages.
  2. Performance: The primary criterion for selecting the Kopa Trophy winner is the player’s on-field performance during the calendar year. This includes their displays in domestic leagues, international competitions, and the UEFA Champions League.
  3. Expert Jury: Unlike the Ballon d’Or, which involves votes from journalists worldwide, the Kopa Trophy is decided by a panel of esteemed former footballers, adding a unique touch of peer recognition to the award.
  4. Achievements: The player’s achievements, such as league titles, goals, assists, and individual awards, are taken into account when assessing their eligibility for the Kopa Trophy.

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Significance of the Kopa Trophy

The Kopa Trophy holds a special place in the football world as it not only recognizes young talent but also serves as a stepping stone for emerging players to gain international recognition.

The award’s association with France Football, a respected name in football journalism, ensures its prestige and credibility. Some of the notable winners of the Kopa Trophy include Kylian Mbappé and João Félix, who have gone on to achieve great success in their careers.

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The Golden Boy Award

In contrast to the Kopa Trophy, the Golden Boy award has been a fixture in the football calendar for a longer period. Created by the Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport in 2003, it has been awarded annually to the best young player in Europe.

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Selection Criteria for the Golden Boy Award

  1. Age Limit: The age limit for the Golden Boy Award is similar to that of the Kopa Trophy – players must be under 21 years of age.
  2. Performance: Performance is the central criterion for the Golden Boy award, much like the Kopa Trophy. The recipient’s performance in club competitions and international matches is assessed.
  3. Expert Jury: Like the Kopa Trophy, the Golden Boy Award also relies on a jury of respected sports journalists who cast their votes to decide the winner.
  4. Achievements: The player’s achievements, such as goals scored, assists, and overall impact on their team, play a crucial role in the selection process.

Significance of the Golden Boy Award

The Golden Boy Award has a storied history and is considered a prestigious recognition for young talents. It is often seen as a precursor to greater success, with past winners like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo going on to become football legends.

The award is widely covered in the media and generates significant excitement among football fans as they speculate about who will be the next big star.

Kopa Trophy vs Golden Boy: Distinguishing the Major Differences

Now that we have a better understanding of both awards, let’s summarize the major differences between the Kopa Trophy vs the Golden Boy Award in a simple table:

CriteriaKopa TrophyGolden Boy Award
Age LimitUnder 21 as of January 1stUnder 21 as of award date
Selection PanelFormer footballersSports journalists
AssociationFrance FootballTuttosport
Global RecognitionWidely recognized, especially in EuropeRecognized, primarily in Europe


In conclusion, the major difference between the Kopa Trophy vs the Golden Boy Award lies in their selection panels. The Kopa Trophy relies on the judgment of former footballers, which adds a unique peer perspective to the decision-making process, whereas the Golden Boy Award is determined by sports journalists.

Both awards play a pivotal role in recognizing and promoting young talent in football. The Kopa Trophy, with its association with France Football and its relatively recent inception, brings a fresh perspective to the recognition of young players. On the other hand, the Golden Boy Award has a longer history and a legacy of predicting future football stars.

In my personal opinion, both awards serve the purpose of identifying and celebrating the brightest young talents in the world of football. The Kopa Trophy’s unique approach of involving former footballers in the selection process makes it an interesting addition to the football awards landscape.

On the other hand, the Golden Boy Award’s longevity and tradition give it a certain historical significance.

In the world of football, recognizing and celebrating young talent is essential for the sport’s continued growth and evolution. The Kopa Trophy vs Golden Boy Award both play vital roles in this endeavour, each with its unique characteristics and traditions, making them integral components of the beautiful game we all cherish.

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